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Wanna watch Madonna LIVE for FREE?

Madonna Rebel Heart Concert 2016

WE’RE WOWED with the recent confirmation of the Queen of Pop’s concert in Manila just recently, and its very costly ticket price range.

Madonna’s concert, however, is highly anticipated, longed for, and dreamt of by her Filipino fans for such a long time. And though we all love Madonna, like a virgin, is her concert really worth our several months’ salaries? But don’t worry, even if I tell you that buying a Madonna concert ticket is not truly worth your own money, you can still watch the concert in Las Vegas (with the plane tickets for two) for free! How? You only need to #ChooseBetter with Sun.

Where to Use Your P60,000?

While we all love to see Madonna’s concert, there are a lot of more vital things that we could spend our P60,000 (if we have it) for. This huge sum of money can be used for long term and more important stuff.

Let me show you how to spend your money wisely than spending it just for a night’s worth of music.

School’s Tuition

If you’re a die-hard Madonna fan, then I would guess more likely you might have your own family by now. And well, if you do, is the concert more important than paying for your child’s tuition? Well, I think not.

House or Condo Rent

If you have your own home (with no mortgages to pay for), then skip this part. But, when you don’t and you’re monthly paying for your rent, then I guess this P60,000 would take care of that for you.

Dream Car

Whether you’re still dreaming of getting one or you already have and on the process of completing the pay, the money you are attempting to use for that Madonna gig is better used for the car’s down payment or monthly pay than to just for a ticket. You can even buy a decent motorcycle for P60K.

Vacation Overdue

Money worth P60,000 can already bring you in any tourist destination in the Philippines. And not just that, whether or not you choose to stay overnight or for several days, this amount of money can cover even the food, accommodation, and other activity fees you have with your travel. Can you really spend that only for a night?


If you love gadgets like I do, then you would know that P60,000 can already buy you either the latest iPhone, a Mac laptop, several smartphones, the newest game box, or whatever gadget you have always wanted.

#ChooseBetter for Maddie!

Why spend the whole PhP 60,000 for a single Madonna ticket when you can get it for FREE, plus round trip tickets to Las Vegas! Yes, you read that right. You don’t have to splurge your life savings just to see our Queen, because if you only #ChooseBetter you’ll be able to watch the concert and fly away with a loved one to the city that never sleeps ALL FOR FREE.

Sun subscribers can get the chance to win these fabulous prizes with the help of award-winning music app Spinnr! Just visit and register with your name, address, and birthdate on the promo registration page. To have the chance of winning, each participant should earn points that will lead them to their most wanted prizes. These points may be earned through subscribing to Spinnr’s Unlimited Music Streaming Package for only P99 valid for 30 days and you can also earn more points by purchasing or gifting a Madonna song via Spinnr. The more points you earn, the more are your chances of winning!

Sun, in cooperation with Spinnr, will select 3 winners and they will each receive round trip tickets to Las Vegas with free 3-days, 2-nights hotel accommodation, transportation and meal allowances, and tickets to Madonna’s Rebel Heart Concert at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

To ensure their win, participants should already have their valid passports and US Visas before joining the promo to qualify. A series of call outs to selected subscribers will occur to make sure that they are qualified. Winners will be informed through phone call and registered mail.

Promo started last August 3 and will run ‘til October 4, 2015. Smart and Talk ‘N Text subscribers are also welcome to join.

With these, I’d like to believe that you now know how to #ChooseBetter as I have shared what important things you can get with your P60,000 and how you can watch the Queen of Pop and fly to Las Vegas for free. Don’t waste your time now, hurry on and join! Earn as much points as you can!

And as you do this, you become part of the growing number of Filipinos who’ve made a better choice.

#Choose better, choose Sun today! Register now!


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