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Metro Manila Film Festival 2015 Winners’ List

AS CONTROVERSIES LOOM in Metro Manila Film Festival once again, now over the box office results with the alleged ticket swapping, we kept ourselves busy checking on the more important aspect of the annual MMFF: the quality of the entries.

Or is it really that important for this highly-commercialized, ticket sales-oriented festival? We still hope so.

READ: MMFF 2015 marred by ‘ticket swapping’ controversy

Initial frontrunner for best picture, best director, and best actor categories is Erik Matti’s ‘Honor Thy Father‘ featuring John Lloyd Cruz and Meryll Soriano (later disqualified for best picture award). However, Dan Villegas’ ‘Walang Forever‘ surprised moviegoers for its story, cinematography, directing, and acting of lead actors, Jennylyn Mercado and Jericho Rosales.

Teen actress Janella Salvador also showed her acting prowess in Jun Lana’s horror flick, ‘Haunted Mansion‘ with Iza Calzado and Joem Bascon shone brightly as support, while other notable names might come up as we finish our movie marathon project for this blog in the days to come.

While waiting for the final results to be announced on the awards night set on December 27, we tried gauging this year’s films based on its merits for this blog entry. By jusdging all the entries, we would like to give readers idea on what results to expect. However, our opinion is not that of the judges so we will still post the actual results here once announced. You as our readers could also say your piece in the comments. Fair enough?

Let’s get things started!

Best Film/Picture
Top Choices: Walang Forever, Honor Thy Father
Our Choice: Honor Thy Father but disqualified; so Walang Forever
Actual Winner: Walang Forever

Second Best Picture Winner: Buy Now, Die Later
Third Best Picture Winner: My Bebe Love

Best Director
Top Choices: Erik Matti, Dan Villegas
Our Choice: Erik Matti
Actual Winner: Erik Matti

Best Screenplay
Top Choices: Walang Forever, Honor Thy Father
Our Choice: Honor Thy Father
Actual Winner: Walang Forever

Best Actor
Top Choices: John Lloyd Cruz (Honor Thy Father), Jericho Rosales (Walang Forever)
Our Choice: John Lloyd Cruz (but if tie with Jericho is possible, why not?)
Actual Winner: Jericho Rosales

Best Actress
Top Choices: Jennylyn Mercado (Walang Forever), Meryll Soriano (Honor Thy Father), Janella Salvador (Haunted Mansion)
Our Choice: Jennylyn Mercado (Walang Forever)
Actual Winner: Jennylyn Mercado

Best Supporting Actor
Top Choices: Alden Richards (My Bebe Love), Tirso Cruz III (Honor They Father)
Our Choice: Tirso Cruz III
Actual Winner: Tirso Cruz III

Best Supporting Actress
Top Choices: Iza Calzado (Haunted Mansion)
Our Choice: Iza Calzado
Actual Winner: Maine Mendoza (My Bebe Love)

Best Cinematography
Top Choices: Honor Thy Father, Walang Forever
Our Choice: Honor Thy Father
Actual Winner: Nilalang

Jennylyn Mercado and Jericho Rosales in Walang Forever

Jennylyn Mercado and Jericho Rosales in ‘Walang Forever’

Other awards:

Best Original Story: Walang Forever
Best Editing: Nilalang
Best Cinematography: Nilalang
Best Production Design: Buy Now, Die Later
Best Visual Effects: Nilalang
Best Sound Engineer: Ditoy Aguila (Nilalang)
Best Musical Score: Jessy Lazatin (Nilalang)
Best Theme Song: Honor Thy Father
Best Festival Make-up Artist: Ryan and Ericka (Honor Thy Father)
Best Child Performer: Krystal Brimner (Honor Thy Father)
Best Float: Die Now, Buy Later

Special Awards

Gat Puno Antonio Villegas Cultural Award: My Bebe Love
FPJ Memorial Award for Excellence: Walang Forever

Winners: New Wave Category

Manila Bulletin Best Feature Film Award: “Ari: My Life With A King”
New Wave Special Jury Prize: “Toto”
New Wave Best Actors: JM De Guzman (Tandem) & Francisco Quinto (Ari: My Life with a King) – TIE
New Wave Best Screenplay: Robert Tantico of “Ari: My Life With a King”
New Wave Best Supporting Actress: Bibeth Orteza
New Wave Best Supporting Actor: Thou Reyes (Toto)
New Wave Animation Best Picture: “Buttons” (College of St Benilde)
Special Jury Prize: “Little Lights”
Best Short Picture: “Mumu” (UP Diliman)
Short Film Special Jury Prize: “Daisy” (Colegio de San Lorenzo)



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