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MMFF denies ticket swapping issue

THE METRO MANILA FILM FESTIVAL has issued a statement an hour ago denying the existence of the alleged ticket swapping issue brought out by netizens, and ‘My Bebe Love’ director Jose Javier Reyes on social media on December 25.

READ: MMFF 2015 marred by ‘ticket swapping’ controversy

The issue has become a hot topic on social media when netizens posted tickets of Vice Ganda and Coco Martin-starrer ‘Beauty and the Bestie’ saying they watched Vic Sotto and AiAi Delas Alas’ film, ‘My Bebe Love.’ The two films are on a fight to becoming number one at the MMFF 2015 box office.

On its Facebook account, MMFF said on Saturday, “The Metro Manila Film Festival, after looking into the ticket swapping issue, strongly denies the existence of such and is enjoining all the stakeholders of the Festival to be responsible in expressing their sentiments especially on Social Media.”

“The objective of the MMFF is to promote the local film industry and this baseless issue will only sideline the true intent and purpose of the Festival. Let’s continue supporting all the entries of the MMFF 2015.”

MMFF on ticket swapping issue

MMFF on ticket swapping issue

What do you think of this, folks?


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