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‘Disney on Ice’ in Manila: Just Got Frozen

THE KID SMILED ear to ear in excitement, his heart jumped for joy when the well-dressed SMART Araneta Coliseum registered through the iris of his eyes. The coliseum has transformed into a magical Disney ice kingdom.

“What a beauty!,” the kid told himself, then he looked at his nephew, his niece, and the other excited little kids inside the coliseum.

“It’s nice to be kid again, right?” He consoled himself.

Yes, friends. The kid I am talking about was me. And there’s only a few times I get as excited as when we’re about to watch ‘Disney on Ice’ in Manila on December 26.

Thanks to SUN Cellular for bringing this year’s ‘Disney on Ice: The Magical Festival‘ here in Manila. This year’s theme theme is FROZEN. From September to November 2015, SUN gave out tickets to lucky subscribers, aside from the fact that Sun subscribers also get 5% off on ticket purchase. How sweet.

While the idea of skating still frightens me as it has always been a challenge, and I have a personal bad experience about it, watching ‘Disney on Ice’ got me excited. Just in case you don’t know, I suffered an ankle fracture for two weeks after falling off the ice skating rink the last time I tried ice skating. That makes this story worthy of sharing, I guess.

I got frozen. Literally and figuratively.

It is for kids as it is for kids at heart. The idea of seeing Mickey, Minie, and Donald Duck hosting a show as the curtain opens may not be realistic but in our world, it is an awesome Christmas gift. Imagine the kids thanking you for such an experience.

I did thank myself and SUN Cellular for this.

The moment Little Mermaid‘s Sebastian came up, the crowd got wild, and got even wilder when Ariel and Prince Eric started singing and dancing on ice. So there I was, checking on my emotions, babysitting myself. The first act set the mood, and the expectations that we were in for a fantastic show all throughout. I loved all the song numbers, the dance acts, the drama, and the colors of it all. I’d like to think that to be a mermaid is still every little girl’s dream? While for the boys, seeing one would be awesome.

The second act features Tangled‘s Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, her Eugene. She’s an awesome ice skating princess among the girls. Her prince? Just as handsome, and equally good. I also loved the musical number of her wicked mother, Gothel. Aside from the fact that the movie version got me with the beautiful lanterns, this act reminded me of it perfectly. It was such a beautiful feeling.

Disney on ice - Frozen TANGLED

One of the best ice skaters for me plays the role of Rapunzel in Disney on Ice’s Tangled.

I have to admit that the third act, which comes after a short break isn’t that familiar to me. Among all Disney stories, ‘Beauty and the Beast‘ didn’t interest me at all when I was a kid. Or maybe my parents and teachers just suck in story telling. Had I known that Beast (a Prince, cursed) gave Belle all his books as a sign of his love and admiration, I would have loved the story with all my heart. It was a fantastic act, with a touch of a magic.

Beauty and the Beast - Disney on Ice in Manila 2015

Beauty and the Beast – Disney on Ice in Manila 2015

Of course, the most popular among the acts is the final act, which is also the theme of this year’s ‘Disney on Ice’ — Frozen. After all, it is also the latest offering from Disney, which movie version has become a worldwide hit, and even won Oscars.

In the Philippines alone, almost every kid’s party’s theme in the past years is Frozen.

Who wouldn’t love the sisters Ana and Elsa, anyway? And Olaf? He is simply lovable. I felt my heart melting the moment they started performing. People laughed and giggled as Olaf performed, and we got frozen with the girls and the two princes every performance. When Elsa performed her skating version of ‘Let it Go’ with such grace, equally matched with lighting, and magical effects, I knew for sure that my Christmas holidays is complete.

Disney on Ice in Manila - Frozen photo 2

The popular sisters, Elsa and Ana of Frozen in a ‘Disney on Ice’ Musical in Manila, December 2015.

Disney on Ice in Manila - Frozen photo

Sorry this is an iPhone photo but that’s Elsa of ‘FROZEN’ in the 2015 version of ‘Disney on Ice’ in Manila

Tell you, it is different when you see your favorite animated characters on screen, big or small, than when you see them live. Forgive me for being such a lover of live performances and theater acts but I am telling you this without exaggeration. In Disney on ice, no less than world-class ice skaters make our favorite Disney stories come alive. Matched with grand costumes, dazzling lights and enchanting music, the experience was one hell of a ride.

By looking the kids in the eye after the show, one would see souls in their happiest moment. How blessed these kids are for giving them awesome parents/adults in their lives who know how important moments like this are. Without a doubt, ‘Disney on ice: The Magical Festival‘ is an experience to remember.

Note: Disney on ice runs till January 3, 2016. Click this link for schedule and how to score free/discounted tickets courtesy of Sun Cellular.

*Thanks Dale Bacar and PinoyTuner for the photos.


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