Palawan, Philippines
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5 Unexplored Islands in the Philippines

THE PHILIPPINES is a pot of gold. It holds treasures when it comes to the coolest summer destinations. It is known for its beaches in Batangas, Boracay, Puerto Galera, and cool cities for hangouts like Baguio and Tagaytay. Little did we all know, there are more to the Philippines than those famous tourist spots.

We listed down five of the best yet not yet fully explored islands in the Pearl of the Orient in this post. Feel free to let us know your favorites or add up your awesome find/s in the comments.

1. Borawan Island, Quezon Province

Borawan in Quezon Province

If you’re much along the adventurous kind but still love the beach, this choice will definitely suit you. This island is not much of a mainstream yet, and has not resort whatsoever, so, be sure to bring your camping tents and stuff if you plan to stay overnight. Even the trip is a little adventurous, as you need a boat ride before getting there. The budget needed from you is very affordable—your whole barkada for the price of one—around P2000-P2500! Found near the shores of Pagbilao and Padre Burgos, Quezon, a paradise worthy of your visit.

2. Freedom Islands, Metro Manila

Sunset in Manila captured by Adri Constantino

Birder Adri Constantino captured this Manila sunset while bird watching at the Freedom Islands

If you are really that busy and cannot afford to drive a long way, but still need to brush all those stress away—this island is it! Located within the Metro, off the coast from Las Pinas and Paranaque, the Freedom Island, is truly a freedom from a crowded mind. Formally known as Las Pinas-Paranaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area, a sanctuary for birds and bird-watching lovers alike. You need not have to drive long outside Manila just to watch ‘em birds—a little traffic (aw, but it’s the Metro!) and you’re there! Don’t forget your cameras!

3. Catanduanes

Catanduanes - Surfing - Choose Philippines

Surfer, you are? Catanduanes is right for you! The country has several and well known surfing spots, they equally are great, but if you want to keep it cool and quite low (who wouldn’t want a beach almost all to themselves?), then you might wanna pack your bags and surf boards and travel straight ahead to a surfing wonder. Expect to see and experience grand waves as it is located in the Pacific Ocean, so you should be strictly beside a surfer pro or if there’s none that you know of, the locales are very much obliged to help and assist—and if you are a pro yourself, what are you still waiting for?

4. Batanes Islands

Batanes - visitph photo

Though it has already received ample attention nowadays from tourists and Filipinos, Batanes managed to preserve its extraordinary beauty and remarkable culture—which made it unspoiled. Aside from historical locations and mouth-watering local foods, a famous site herein would be the Honesty Store where you can witness how Batanes practices trust, respect, and transparency through a little sari-sari (multifarious) store—where patrons serve themselves to whatever they please, may them be refreshments like sodas or cup of coffee, merienda or snacks, candies, cigarettes. And the catch? You get to pay your consumption through a box, at your own cost (no one’s watching!), and if you have change, just write it on a provided logbook and retrieve it the next day. Because of this operation, the store and the practice, has long been an attraction. See it for yourself!

5. The Islands of Banana, Malcapuya, and Bulog-dos, Coron, Palawan

Malcapuya Island Coron Palawan

Who would want to settle for one when they can explore as many islands as possible right in the heart of Coron, known as one of the most enchanting tourist places of all times. Though famous in the world, these islands are kept pristine and unblemished. White sand, blue-green waters, amazing snorkelling spots, harmless and awesome marine life creatures, and a summer experience you would very much want to cherish. Away from the crowded, polluted hassles of the Metro, I’m sure no one can resist the peace of the islands where privacy and relaxation is at its best.Now, learning upon these unexplored, less visited, but equally astonishing island getaways, who wouldn’t want to beat the summer heat? Come on, let’s go!

Note: If you are to explore any of these islands, Cebu Pacific Air flies in the key destinations from Manila almost daily, and offers various promos. Check out for more details

Photos from Aren Goodman, visitph, philippinetrails, gettyimages, choosephilippines, and Adri Constantino.

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