Palawan, Philippines
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Top 5 Summer Destinations in the Philippines

El Nido Palawan Philippines

IMAGINE YOURSELF submerging your stressed-out bod in the cool waters of a beach or a pool, lay under the rising sun in your trunks or bikinis whilst sipping that cool beer or coktails, or roam around a city degrees cooler than the temperature of that big ol’ Metro. Weren’t those scenarios a treat?

Here, let us give you our top 5 summer destination in the Philippines that you may want to consider as the temperature starts rising up once again.

  1. Puerto Galera, Mindoro

When you say summer, the beach is the first thing you have in mind. And Puerto Galera, being it one of the most well known summer destinations in and out of the country, surely makes its way to our summer list. Found in the beautiful island province of Mindoro, Puerto Galera has made its limelight shine like a diamond because of its scenic white sand beaches. Although crowded at the peak of the summer season, everyone would still enjoy the company of people enstrange to us but with the same goal: to cool it off and enjoy. And though it’s a little bit pricey, we know it’s very well worth it, so, what the heck?

2. La Presa, Benguet

Baguio, Sagada, and Benguet are far the most popular attractions during summer. We wouldn’t name Baguio the summer capital of the country if it is not loved for its cool weather, realtively cheaper cost of living, fresh fruits (yes, strawberries!) and vegetables, and numerous shopping areas. But then, current local movies and television series were reliving our fascination and addiction to these summer destinations. Ever heard of ‘Forevermore’ teleserye? Where the main actors lived and got to know and fall in love with each other in a small sitio (district) called as La Presa. In the real world, La Presa along with its neighboring communities have become suddenly tourist attractions for its, of course, cooler weather as it is farther up from Baguio, where you can see up close the Banaue Rice Terraces—the man made terraces. Wouldn’t you like to see for yourself why it’s such a fame?

3. El Nido, Palawan

El Nido is known to be a marine reserve park in the province of Palawan. It enfolds numerous resorts and tourist attractions readily available to satisfy your summer loving. No one will be able to resist its white sand shores, clear and unpolluted waters, virgin tropical forests, colorful marine life resources, fresh seafoods, and picturesque scenery. El Nido indeed is a magical place. Its eventful cliffs and selfie-worthy sceneries made people refer to it as a paradise. There are also dozens of hotels and restos where you can peacefully bring your fsmily and friends and have that memorable vacations you have long wanted!

4. Sky Ranch, Tagaytay

For the past whole year, summer 2014 to this year’s summer season, maybe you have thoroughly planned your next swimming vacation. So, maybe Imma skip that. This choice could be a little different. You do not have to plan tediously or even pack a lot. For just a quick and smooth drive from Metro Manila, you will arrive to the cool breeze of Tagaytay City. But what makes this Tagaytay trip different from your usual trips is that you get to enjoy with your whole barkada and family! Most especially the kids! You can mark any weekend or work off and suit up to a day of rides and other festivities in the Sky Ranch amusement park. The Eye is what awaits you, take a ride and imagine yourself alight the London Eye. Isn’t that one perfect summer experience?

5. Coron, Palawan

If you want a sure fire, tried and tested summer destination for this season, well, you’d rather book that plane tickets ready and aboard the plane to the province of Palawan. Coron is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the whole world. Not only amongst the locales and the Filipinos, the beaches and other attractions magnets even foreigners and celebrities. In its white sand and crystal clear beaches will you feel the warmth of the sun but the coolness of summer. Dive deep to its bottom of colourful marine wonders, explore what the vast ocean waters are there to offer, inhale the sweet-salty freshness of air, and embrace the rich culture Palawan has kept way too long for the visitors to love as well. What are you waiting for?

I know, amidst the coolness of the air breathed out by that airconditioner in your home or work place, that your mouth is dripping, palms itching, to wander about and explore these summer destinations. I can’t blame you—here I am, dying to pack my things and travel off as well. So, I think it’s settled then? See you anywhere there!

Note: Get the most out of summer by booking your flights early. Cebu Pacific flies from Manila to these summer destinations daily. Check out for tickets and schedule.

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