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Forever Sucks

NO, THIS IS NOT without any bitterness in today’s celebration of Heart’s Day. ‘Forever Sucks’ pertains to the title of the webisode now up on D5 Studio’s online portal, http://www.d5.studio, which I find cute after watching today’s first two episodes.

I hope saying it’s “cute” won’t offend anyone though.

‘Forever Sucks’ features Jasmine Curtis-Smith as a 170-year old vampire Izabel pretending to be a normal 21 year-old call center agent and theater actor JC Santos who plays the role of Tony, her Team Leader.

Forever Sucks - JC Santos

Actually, I got the link to the show through JC since he’s a friend on Facebook. After seeing him in several theater plays in the past, I got fascinated with his good acting skills. BS aside, JC is a gift that gives color to the now booming Philippine theater world. Among many other actors and actresses of course.

Since time to go to theater to watch live play is usually a problem to many (well, including me in the past months), seeing our well-loved theater actors on screen, and online, is a special treat. Or at least that’s what I felt upon watching Forever Sucks’s first two episodes today.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith is a well-rounded actress. No contest. I liked her from the start. Saw her in a lot of TV shows, and Indie movies, and this lady is a good pair with JC. Aside from the fact that Jasmine, tagged as TV5’s princess, possesses one of the prettiest faces in the local showbiz industry.

Set in a call center, I liked the first episodes of ‘Forever Sucks’ as it is light, timely, and has promise. Something that call center people (and everyone) would watch while on a lunch break or stucked in traffic. Good thing it’s online and free. Having a WiFi or mobile data is enough. I just hope that the story becomes as unique and engaging as possible. Because yes, we also deserve quality content.

Directed by Joel Ferrer, ‘Forever Sucks‘ also stars Gio Gahol (Pol), Gab Pangilinan (Nancy Jane), and Sari Estrada (Phylis). Gio, yup that another charmer is also a theater actor. He’s currently part of PETA’s ‘3 Stars and a Sun’ along with Gab, while Sari is into acting and filmmaking. She directed the Cinemalaya entry, ‘Where’s Lolo Me?’

Go and watch the first episodes of the series here

Forever Sucks - D Studio

Forever Sucks in one frame

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