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Rockschool: Be The Next Sought-After Musician


Ed Sheeran. Yeng Constantino. Jay-R. Kz Tandingan.

You love the music and musicality of these artists maybe. Well, I do love Ed Sheeran to bits. And who wouldn’t be fascinated by the music of Yeng Constatino?

Here’s what we’ve learned, folks. They share one thing in common. They’re Rockschool-accredited artists. Wanna be like them? You gotta read on.

What is Rockschool?

John Simpson, Rockschool Ltd’s Chief Executive explained to the media during our short meet up at Wolf & Fox Gastropub, The Fort last week, their role in the accreditation of musicians as the leading provider of rock and pop exams worldwide.

Rockschool is not an actual school. If you are familiar with TOEFL that accredits proficiency in English as a second language, then you know its concept. But it is proficiency in music that’s being tested by Rockschool.

“Rockschool is the only exam board that specialises in Rock and Pop music qualifications,” the organization’s website‘s states.

“Our qualifications are taught by independent music teachers because the qualifications we produce deliver results. Our Qualifications are renowned for the practicality and flexibility in the field,” the website added.

Rockschool performance

Simpson said the credential can be used for future performance, a career at teaching music or when applying to a music school for advanced learning.

You maybe a good musician but without a teaching diploma or an accreditation from Rockschool, you may have a hard time standing out especially in this highly competitive market.

In the Philippines, The International Rock Music Exam Board is being exclusively represented by Rockschool Philippines, Inc. (RSP).

“RSP Examinations’ primary objective is to ease the processes of gaining accreditation and qualification offered by Rockschool for Philippine candidates. The holistic package RSP offers includes qualifications in Performance, Grade Exams and Diploma levels for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Band Based Keys and Piano.”

Check out their website (click here) for more information about Rockschool. They’re on Facebook and Twitter.


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