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Best Places to Visit in Guam

MORE THAN duty free shopping and its wide array of great beaches, Guam is a very interesting place to be especially this summer.

For the Filipinos, Guam has become all the more popular just recently through Guam Visitors Bureau’s strong partnership with the media, bloggers, and travelers alike. That’s of course aside from the fact that Guam is home to a number of Filipinos already.

What about summer? Though summer is pictured as beautiful beaches of which Guam abounds, it means seeing culture brightly as well when speaking about Guam. And when you are in to see the local’s unique way of life, you should be booking Guam by now. Never ever let if off your bucket list. We won’t.

Speaking of culture, the Chamorro Village Cultural Park is waiting for visitors to learn about the locals, and yes, their distant past.

Local dishes await for you to try as well, but don’t forget your name as you feast on large sea blessings, and yes, their famed Coconut crab!

We tried our best not to be too picky as we listed some of the best places to visit in Guam during warm sunny days. They are but recommended as well by our friends at the Guam Visitors Bureau we met during our media gathering early this February. Check them out!

Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps - Guam 2

Spanish Steps - Guam 2

The place is called Spanish Steps because of the historical remains from the Spanish colonization particularly during the 1521 to 1898 period. The colonizers built steps so they can go down the mountain. You have to trek down via the Spanish steps so you can find a gorgeous lagoon where you can have an amazing snorkeling experience. However, access to the place requires a military pass. So, start looking for a military sponsor now if you don’t have a military ID. Photos from,

Tarzan Falls


Tarzan Falls 2

If you’re in for an adventurous hike, then you may want to consider going to Tarzan Falls. Before you reach the falls, you have to walk and hike the trail that will lead you to Tarzan Falls. Along the way, you’ll see beautiful views of other waterfalls, the river, and the tropical foliage of Guam. When you reach the end, you’ll have a breathtaking view of the famous Tarzan Falls. Photos from,

Agana Bay


Agana Bay 1

Guam is surrounded with bodies of water, which makes it a great place to explore and discover marine life. The Agana Bay is a good starting point to have a great view of beautiful coral reefs. In the afternoon, you can just spend time dining at a restaurant while having a nice view of the Agana Bay sunset. Photos from,

Marianas Islands


Marianas Islands 2

The Marianas Islands is a highly popular part of Guam. There you can enjoy the beach while having access to modern facilities and amenities in the hotel of your choice. At the same time, you be very intimate with nature as you walk along the white shorelines or as you hike the nearby hills covered in lush greens. Photos from,

Guam Sunset

Guam Sunset 2


It is more of a reason to visit than a place to visit. I know. It is said that Guam is where the sun rises when you are in America. Watching the sun rises is as amazing as watching the sunset when you are in any beach in the country. You can end your whole day of tour with a picturesque view of the Guam sunset. Photos from,

Undoubtedly, Guam is among the best options when you want to make the most out of the summer season. You’ll surely discover more once there.

Been in Guam? Feel free to add your most favorite places in the comments, and tell us why you love them.

*Note: Cebu Pacific flies from Manila to Guam. Visit for more details.

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