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AirBnB Virgins Save Big in Singapore

AirBnB Singapore 6

Singapore — WE HAVE TO CONFESS. We’re AirBnB virgins. So we thought that sharing our first here is not only worthy of your time but would also help you snatch a good deal for your next trip.

Travelers would agree that accommodation is one thing we consider when traveling. More often than not, hotel expenses eat up a big chunk of our travel budget. Much more when we are to spend a week or two in this city state, considered as one of the most expensive countries in Asia.

At a glance, Singapore could easily intimidate travelers, especially those who travel on a budget. The standard of living here is high. Most hotels are not budget-friendly, and food prices are quite expensive compared with nearby countries Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand, among others. So saving big on hotels is necessary.

Solo travelers who wouldn’t mind backpacking won’t have a problem though. One can easily find a good hostel for a fraction of cost of a hotel accommodation. Things are different however for those who are traveling for business, or those who are traveling with family, especially with oldies and kids. Hostels do not promise the ultimate comfort some travelers’ need.

Facing with such a dilemma during our recent escapade, we found ourselves browsing for the first time the popular traveler’s savior: AirBnB. True enough, AirBnB saved us both from spending big on accommodation, and from resorting to a hostel. Since we travel for leisure and business, we carry in us important documents, and several large luggage, so a hostel is never an option.

A Nice Abode in Singapore

AirBnB Singapore 7 - Sofa

Trying AirBnB for the first time wasn’t bad after all. Through a promo* of SUN Cellular, we got a huge discount for a nice place in Loyang Rise, a descent residential area near the airport. T’was P2500 off the total cost of our stay.

Big, clean, and quiet, the place offers the comfort of a home. It’s a few minutes walk to the bus stations, and a few minutes bus ride to Tampines and Semei stations (Green Line). While in Singapore, consider an easy access to MRT a huge blessing. Aside from the fact that it is the fastest way of transportation here, it is also not that expensive. Try riding cabs all throughout, and you’ll know what we mean.

Also, its proximity to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, the jump off point to our next destination, Bintan, Indonesia helped us in deciding to get the place.

Since we took the 4am flight from Manila, we arrived too early than the noontime check-in. Flight from Manila to Singapore takes around four hours. So when we arrived here, the caretaker welcomed us with a cold tea, and let us stay in their nice sala while our room was being prepared. Minutes later, we’re welcomed in quite a large room than what’s posted on the site. The room is complete with a double bed with pretty good mattress, a working table, nice sets of closets, TV set, and a pretty cool bathroom and shower.

AirBnb in Singapore

This photo won’t give any justice to how room looks like in actual but isn’t it nice?

A nice AirBnB place in Singapore

A view from our balcony at the third floor. This residential area in Loyang Rise, Singapore gives visitors a feel of the neighborhood while enjoying the comfort of a Singaporean home.

One more good thing about an AirBnB stay is to be able to save on food and water. The kitchen is pretty complete so guests could cook their own food. We didn’t cook ours during our entire stay but the idea of it is nice.

Hearing a lot of sad stories from travelers who complained about inability of free safe drinking water in their hotel or place of stay while in Singapore, we gave much weight on having hot and cold drinking water in ours. It is indeed a big deal for budget travelers.

For one, a big bottle of mineral water in Singapore costs P67 or SGD$2. If a person drinks 3 bottles of water a day, that’s equivalent to around P200 saving per person per day or a total of P2,000 for a 10-day stay.

What makes it too personal however is the fact that I am a coffee person. Coffee lovers would understand that hot water is a basic need especially in the absence of a coffeemaker.

Late risers as we are, a comfortable sleep after a tiring day of meetings and escapades in a nice place is considered manna from heaven. It’s always a measurement of how pleasant a stay is. At least for us.

Staying in this home for the first five days before our quick break to Indonesia, we did not only maximize our budget for the 10-day trip, we even think of coming back.

*Note: The promo, which is open for SUN and SMART subscribers runs until March 31, and valid for travel before December 2016. To avail of the promo, just type SUNAIRBNB and text to 2488 or SMARTAIRBNB and send it to 2855 to get a promo code that’s needed upon checking out. This is good for minimum spend of P8,000. More details on the following links: for SUN, and for SMART.

Photos courtesy of Kim.

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