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12 Reasonably Affordable Tokyo Hotels

0001 Tokyo Skytree

TOKYO IS ONE of most advanced cities in the world. But aside from the towering buildings, there are many attraction sites that you can visit and enjoy while in this city. To have a glimpse of the past, include the temples, museums, shrines and other old buildings in your itinerary.

Meiji Shrine, Tokyo National Museum, Asakusa and the Senso-ji Temple, and the Imperial Palace are among the sites to check out. A quick visit at the iconic shopping area of Ginza District would be enough to shop for items you can bring home. Make sure to take a walk at the famous Ueno Park and Zoo as well. You can end your every tiring day with a spectacular view of the Tokyo Skytree, which becomes more beautiful at night when all the lights are on.

The Tokyo Skytree

There’s no better way to end a day when in Tokyo but by seeing the wonderful Tokyo Skytree.

But where will you stay to have a good view of the Skytree? Of course, from a hotel with good amenities and facilities. You may be looking for cheap ones but you won’t be guaranteed of quality. As a rule, you have to pay more if you want quality accommodations, right? Checking on different travel sites however would help you find good Tokyo hotels that are reasonably affordable, depending on your needs and preference. We actually did the assignments for you. Just scroll down and consider the choices below. You are welcome.

1. Shiba Park Hotel

001 HOTEL Shiba Park Hotel
There are travelers that have considered it as a budget hotel. You’ll definitely love the strategic location because it is close to subway stations, 24-hour convenience stores, late-night pharmacies and restaurants.

2. Hotel Mets Shibuya

001 HOTEL Mets Shibuya
It is a Japanese business hotel with standard mid-grade quality. Travelers like the few perks it offers. It has a good location, welcoming atmosphere, and helpful staff.

3. Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

001 HOTEL Sakura Hotel Hatagaya
If you want a very affordable hotel, then Sakura Hotel is one of the best options. Though it has small rooms, it has a great location because you can access Tokyo without difficulty.

4. Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho

001 HOTEL Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho
If you’re a traveler who doesn’t care much about space, then Lotte City Hotel is a good choice. You’ll save a lot from the cheap price.

5. Comfort Hotel Tokyo Kanda

001 HOTEL Comfort Hotel Tokyo Kanda
If you’re sensitive about food, Comfort Hotel can be a good for you because it offers good breakfast for free. Travelers who have who have booked in the hotel liked it for the rooms with discount rates.

6. Tokyo Hotel Horidome Villa

001 HOTEL Tokyo Hotel Horidome Villa
Many fin it cheap but with the convenience that is essential in your travel. If you want to experience a pod-like hotel, then you may consider Tokyo Hotel Horidome.

7. First Cabin Haneda Terminal 1

001 HOTEL First Cabin Haneda Terminal 1
From its name, you can expect to see small cabins. Aside from very cheap price compared to other hotel rooms, you may highly consider this hotel if you want to experience very small sleeping spaces.

8. Oak Hotel

001 HOTEL Oak Hotel
The hotel offers a very affordable price rate. There are rooms for one person only and there are also rooms for groups. This will really allow you to save on your expenses.

9. Hotel Edoya

001 HOTEL Edoya
Though not as cheap as the other hotels in the list, Hotel Edoya still offers an affordable price. It has hot spring, which many travelers really like. The whole vibe of the hotel is traditional lodging with a modern twist.

10. Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo-Shiodome

001 HOTEL Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo-Shiodome
Villa Fontaine is a modern 3-star hotel. Even though it is of higher class, it still offers a reasonably affordable rate for its rooms. It is great for business conference and other business gatherings.

11. Hotel Yanagibashi

001 HOTEL Hotel Yanagibashi
If you want clean and quiet rooms for a very affordable price, then you should highly consider Hotel Yanagibashi. It is only walking distance to the subway station and other essential places.

12. Capsule Value Kanda

001 HOTEL Capsule Value Kanda
If you’re a traveler who always travel solo, then Capsule Value Kanda is the best choice for you. The size is just right for you and every capsule has its own alarm, radio and personal TV.

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