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5 Must Try Restaurants in Guam

EACH DAY OF EXPLORING in a great destination like Guam can be very tiring so to look for energy-giving, palate-satisfying foods is a natural thing to do. There are definitely a lot of restaurants that offer not too familiar dishes for every visitor. And in our own little efforts, we listed five restaurants to consider while spending your vacation in this island territory.

1. Churrasco

01 Churrasco
Whether you’re into steaks or not, Churrasco is the restaurant for you. This steakhouse offers authentic Brazilian barbeque, and salad options. Customers particularly liked Churrasco’s delicious food, and service. Evidence to this is the good things they say about the restaurant. Of the 236 online customer reviews, the restaurant got an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Aside from the delicious meats, one reason why diners like Churrasco is the dessert choices it offers. One that you shouldn’t miss is the Churrasco flan.

2. Jamaican Grill

01 Jamaican Grill
Jamaican Grill is the perfect place if you’re on the hunt for crazy, smoky and zesty ribs in Guam. You may also try their barbequed jerk chicken partnered with red rice in Chamorro style. You’ll definitely have a sumptuous lunch or dinner after ending it with any of the restaurant’s smoothies.

3. Pika’s Café

Pikas Cafe Guam
Many travelers and tourists find Pika’s Café a great place to have breakfast. The café offers some of the best burgers and grilled wraps in Guam. Their desserts, the mango cheesecake in particular, will leave you asking for more.

4. Tony Roma’s in Tumon

Tony Romas
You don’t have to go somewhere else if you like to eat meat and seafood at the same time. Not native to Guam (we actually have three branches in Metro Manila) but Tony Roma’s, which offers ribs, seafood, and steak never fails anyone. Many diners have complimented the restaurant’s soft beef and bone and they also like the fact that there is plenty of seating. Many also come back to the restaurant because of the tasty shrimp or prawn dishes they cannot forget. So, if you have your whole family with you or your group of friends, then this restaurant is the best place to go whenever you’re hungry.

5. Meskla Dos

Mekla Dos Guam
If you’re a burger lover, Guam’s Meskla Dos is a place you must not miss. The restaurant offers unique, authentic and home-made burgers. Diners who have tried the burgers have given the restaurant an average rating of 4.5. If you want to have a great view of the Agana Bay while enjoying the food, then you must also visit Meskla on the Cove.

With these restaurants, you’ll surely have a complete experience of Guam. Not only your eyes will have a feast of stunning sceneries but your taste buds will also have a feast of bursting Guamanian flavors.

We know we’ve missed a lot more restaurants for this list. You gotta help us by commenting your favorite restaurants in the comments. This also mean for us to go on exploring. Gracias!

Photo credits:,,, and meklados and pika’s cafe’s facebook accounts. 


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