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7 Amazing Things You Can Only Find in Guam

001 Latte of Freedom

GUAM IS CONSIDERED as the most exotic destination in the whole of America. Located in the Pacific Ocean’s northwestern part, it is one of the five territories with established American civilian government. As of 2015, the territory has a population of more than 160,000. Though very small in number, the people of Guam have a lot of reasons to be proud of. Some of them are listed on this post.

1. Coconut Crab at Chamorro Village

001 Guam Coconut Crab at Chamorro Village
The Coconut crab that swarms the village of Chamorro is the largest arthropod that lives on land. It can weigh up to 9 lbs. and its legs can span as wide as 3 feet or more. The crab doesn’t bite, which makes it very easy for the locals to keep them as one of their pets. Taking a selfie with one of the crab should be a piece of cake. Expect one of them in our instagram account the soonest.

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2. Boonie Stomping

Bonnie Stomping

That activity you know as hiking is called boonie stomping in Guam. As a traveler, you surely would love to explore Guam and one great way to do it is to climb the territory’s mountains and jungles where you will discover hidden waterfalls, among other gems found when doing such an activity. Most of them spiritual. You know what we mean.

3. Lina’la’ Chamorro Cultural Park

001 Lina’la’ Chamorro Cultural Park
Learning about the culture of the locals in Guam is one thing you should not miss. Yup, the cultural aspect during every travel is part of every traveler’s life. To learn about its past, you should visit the Lina’la’ Cultural Park located in Chamorro Village. Yes, friends. There you will find an actual Chamorro village, a replica of Chamorro village from more than a thousand years ago.

4. Ship Wrecks from WWI and WWII

001 Ship Wrecks from WWI and WWII
Guam offers a one of kind study about history particularly World War I and World War II. You just have to dive 110 feet below the Apra Harbor and there you’ll find two ship wrecks from two different countries and two different world wars. In the photo are SMS Cormoran from Germany and Tokai Maru from Japan. Interesting, yeah?

5. Latte of Freedom

001 Latte of Freedom
Visiting the Latte of Freedom will provide you more information about the culture here. The monument is situated on top of a prominent stone where you can have a picturesque view of the Agana and Asan bays.

6. Guam Island Fiesta Tour

001 Guam island Fiesta Tour
Food. Foods. A lot of them. Binging on other culture’s dishes is something that will definitely interest you. At Guam, you can have a taste of the local foods through the Guam Island Fiesta Tour where you get to experience fiesta celebrations in local homes. Burp!

7. Marianas Trench

001 Marianas Trench
Having a view of vibrant and beautiful coral reefs makes you feel like you are in an underwater fantasy world. The difference is the fact that what you’re seeing are real. Marianas trench, which is located 250 miles at the southwestern part of Guam will give you an unforgettable underwater experience. Not a diver yet? You gotta schedule scuba diving lessons now.

Do you have something to add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

Note: Guam is only four hours away from the Philippines by plane. With Cebu Pacific Air opening its latest route to this destination this March, Guam is expected to cater to more visitors coming from the Philippines.

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