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Japan Museums You Should Visit

001 JAPAN The National Art Center, Tokyo

SOME OF THE COMMON reasons why people travel to other countries is to search for the best island beaches, to stay in the most gorgeous resorts, or to experience the joy of a particular festival. There are actually so many things to discover about the country we are planning to visit. Japan is one good example. Aside from Mount Fuji, and other destinations, the numerous Japan museums can provide visitors memories that would last a lifetime.

We won’t be traveling for museums alone so we picked three from a number of museums to visit while in Japan for this post. Make sure to include them in your itinerary.

1. The National Art Center, Tokyo

001 JAPAN The National Art Center, Tokyo 2

The art center boasts of a modern and stunning architectural design that in itself is already a feast for your eyes. The building itself is already a work of art and deserves attention from visitors like you. The glass windows and walls make it eco-friendly because it optimizes natural light so people inside can have a great view of the artworks.

Even the furniture used are also a realization of creative ideas. The tables and chairs used in the lounge and other areas where you can stay and take a rest are made with what they call shells. It is home to numerous art exhibits from various artists that you can discover. Before you leave, you may wanna stop by the museum shop and purchase a souvenir item of interest to you. The museum is usually open from 10am to 8pm but you have to check out their website for schedules, and more info.

2. Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

To travel is to reminisce childhood dreams. This is true when visiting the dinosaur museum. No one would hinder you from being a kid again while inside this museum. Don’t forget to say hi to the dinosaur sitting on a bench at the entrance.

Life-sized replicas of dinosaurs are found inside. Real dinosaur skeletons are on display too. There are those that are composed of 905 genuine fossils, which are excavated from as far as Wyoming in the United States. Check out their website here for more information.

001 JAPAN Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum 3

001 JAPAN Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

3. National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo

It is a must for parents visiting Japan to bring their kids to the museum of nature and science. In here, visitors cam be one with nature without having the fear of getting attacked by the animals. From the cute pandas and polar bears to the fearless tigers and wolves, there is a wide variety of animals that you can get up close to. Visit their website for more details.

001 JAPAN National Museum of Nature and Science 2

001 JAPAN National Museum of Nature and Science

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