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Pinoy Celebs Frolick in Philippines’ Beaches This Holy Week

Nagtabon Beach Palawan

ASIDE FROM REFLECTION and meditation, Holy Week also means long vacation and a great time to frolic at the beach. Pinoy celebrities definitely know that, as many of them are now heading to or are already enjoying the waters in the different gorgeous beach islands of the Philippines.

So, if you’re wondering what beach island your favorite celeb is staying now, read on below. You may find them in the list.


Surprisingly, the province has actually a lot to offer when it comes to island beach escapades. It has Borawan, Cagbalete, Polillo, and many others that are still waiting to be discovered. But don’t think it can’t offer something posh and luxurious. Lest we forget, it is where the famous Balesin is located.

You may want to experience kind of sun bathing that Maggie Wilson is enjoying there. Also, you can mingle with other celebs like Ruffa Mae Quinto and Grace Lee who chose to reflect and have great moments in Balesin. Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are also in Balesin, together with Direk Bobot Mortiz who posted an Instagram photo earlier today.

Maggie Wilson-Consunji

Maggie Wilson-Consunji


The whole world already knows about Palawan for sure. And if you’re Filipino and haven’t been there yet it feels like you’re committing a sin, don’t you think? You may want to follow our hunk Derek Ramsay in his fishing adventure in Palawan.

Derek looks like he’s having a blast with his family in one of the largest provinces in the country. Why wouldn’t he when there’s a paradise-like beach, and he’s with his family.

Derek Ramsay

Derek Ramsay enjoying his vacation in Palawan with his friends and family.

Seems like Kakai Bautista is lost in faraway paradise, eh? Nah. The comedienne is in Palawan as well. Probably somewhere near Derek. Who knows, it may actually be their Holy Week rendezvous. You better follow them here if you wanna know the answer.

Kakai Bautista in Palawan

Kakai flaunts her body with the beaches of Palawan as the backdrop. Hot, isn’t she?


The undeniably world-renowned Boracay has become like an automatic choice when thinking of a beach escapade. Well, no one will argue about that as many celebs flocked there to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Karla Estrada is definitely having fun with her family, and friends in Boracay. The other celebs who are also currently staying there are Team Kramer, Gab Valenciano and his wife Tricia Centenera, and Kapamilya teen star Alexa Ilacad.

Karla Estrada in Boracay

Karla Estrada with her family in Boracay


If you find Boracay and Palawan a little too far from the metro, for reasons like you’re attending to so many things, then you may consider Batangas to still push through with that much needed beach escapade. Take a look at where the queen of dub smash is basking under the sun.

Maine Mendoza chose the isolated, quiet, and exclusivity feels of Pico de Loro. In her IG post, she looks stunningly sexy in her two piece that shows her proud curves. She looks classy too as the photo is in black and white.

Maine Mendoza

Maine Mendoza goes sexy, and classy in Batangas.

Camarines Norte

But if you’ve been to island beaches in the southern regions many times, you may want to head up north. Explore Camarines Norte and La Union and get awed with its white sand beaches.

Andie Eigenmann has been enjoying the sands and waters of Calaguas Islands in Camarines Norte. She looks like a child unmindful of time in this photo, isn’t she?

Andie Eigenmann in Calaguas Island

Andie Eigenmann along the beach in Calaguas, Camarines Norte.

La Union

The province is bestowed with beaches that are great for surfing. But if you feel like having a laid back break, you can also do so. Go to San Juan.

If you think Fabio Ide is on a photoshoot for a sunnies campaign, no he’s not. He’s just enjoying the warm sun that San Juan can offer.

Fabio Ide

Not on a photoshoot. This is Fabio Ide’s natural looks while under the sun. Care to join him?

So there you have it folks. You now know where to go to catch up with your favorite Pinoy celeb. And of course, summer frolicking in one of Philippines’ must-visit island beaches.

Photo credits: mainedcm, fabioideofficial, ramsayderek11, ilovekaye, andieigengirl, carlaford1121, and wilsonmaggie IG accounts,



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