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Beach Lovin’ in Bintan Island, Indonesia

Trikora Beach - MAIN FEATURE

Bintan Island, Indonesia — “TO FIND SOME relief or to explore the world further. The view of the seas is almost always, soothing to the soul.”

Along with a photo of his passport and boarding pass, that was the quote posted by a soul on his Instagram account while waiting to board at the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore on Wednesday, March 2.

Hours later, the much needed reunion with the sea came to reality. Two Filipino souls set foot on this island.

The public transport, Bintan Resort Ferries took over to bring us to Bintan Lagoon Resort (BLR) after the resort’s private ferry got suspended due to bad weather. Kim and I were heading to the resort for a three-day getaway, a well deserved rest after months of all-work-almost-no-play in Manila, and after a few days of stay in Singapore.

For people who have been living in Metro Manila most of the days in the past years, a glimpse of the seas is enough to refresh the soul, if not totally heal from whatever bad experiences life brings. The thought of the beach might not be enough but once in his embrace, life changes. Perspective improves. Wounded mind or heart recovers.

The VIP treatment we received upon our arrival at Bintan Lagoon Resort, the largest luxury resort in this part of Indonesia, has instantly gave us security that the next three days would be extra special. I silently offered a prayer to receive such level of hospitality in any country we visit from that day on.

If you’re wondering what to do in Bintan, you gotta read this post we’ve just published. Now, let us zoom in to the beaches waiting to be enjoyed while in this part of Indonesia.

Bintan Lagoon Resort Beach

Bintan Lagoon Pano 1

You don’t have to go out of the resort’s vicinity if you want to have a view of the beach. If you’re staying on the right side of the vicinity, you can have a beautiful view of the seas by simply looking at the balcony.

But do you know that it’s a sin to just enjoy the view when you can simply go out of your hotel room, and enjoy a long walk at the 1.5 kilometer coast line? Yes, it is.

Go out. Leave your footwear and worries behind. Feel the powdery sun touching your bare feet, and leave a mark that would soon be washed away by the waves that kiss the shores. It is best to listen to your inner self while being serenaded by the waves or the humming pacific winds that kiss your cheeks and ears. It is okay not to be okay but it is best to be okay. Commune with nature once more.

Greet the morning sun on your way back. Let its rays make you feel that you’re loved, and that everything will fall into places. Sooner that you’re expecting it to be.

Wanna take a dip? Why not give in to the invitation? Go on.

But if in any case you decide to go by the beach in the afternoon, make sure to send the Sun home.

Ready for your early morning walk? Get into your feet now.

Walk. Move forward.

Bintan Lagoon Resort Beach 1

But rest if you must.

Sunset Over Bintan

See the sunset.

Trikora Beach

You would agree with me that like humans, beaches have distinct characteristics that make them unique. If not, why do we want to go to different places from time to time? Why do we need to travel far and wide just to be in one part of the earth near the waters?

Not far from Bintan Lagoon Resort, on the east side of Bintan Island lies another beach waiting to be discovered. Locals named this majestic portion of beauty ‘Trikora.’ See feature image above.

Trikora can be found after a few minutes drive from the resort. So if you’re in for some adventure, just let the hotel people know that you wanna tour around Bintan Island, and you wanna stop by the beach.

It was on our second day here when friends from Bintan Resorts, the marketing arm of the whole tourism hub here, gave us a tour of Bintan “to have a taste of the authentic flavor of the island.” (Story about that on a separate post). That’s when we came to know Trikora.

Depending on your preference, Trikora is either a handsome hunk waiting to give you the best romantic moment of your life or a pretty lady ready to nurse you in her arms. He has dimples, but his machismo doesn’t die down even a bit. She’s strong but her beauty is enough to give you a break away from life’s chaos even for a moment.

What is seen by the naked eye though is a long stretch of white sand beach, which is made unique by picturesque huge boulders scattered here beautifully. More than just a backdrop to great beach photos to be posted on social media, Trikora serves as a playground to both locals and tourists who love to feed the kids in them.

Trikora Beach - Kim

Enjoy the beauty of the world. Be a kid once more. Taking a few moments off from snapping photos for this blog, Kim writes some memories on the wall, err, sand.

A short stop by his side gave us not only a quick break for some Buko Juice and coconut meat as snacks, but also refreshing moments needed for us to become the people we wanna be.

Moments with beaches like BLR and Trikora are precious so here’s a promise to ourselves that we will continuously find, and embrace more beaches in this lifetime. For whether to find relief or to explore the world further, the view of the seas isn’t only soothing to the soul. It heals broken spirits.

Additional photos by Kim, Daniel’s Flickr, and



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