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Linapacan, Palawan: Go for a Swim in the World’s Clearest Water

Linapacan Island in Palawan

ENOUGH OF YOUR beach bumming on familiar beaches almost all your friends go to every summer. Go somewhere exotic this time. Go somewhere world-class. Go to Linapacan in Palawan.

Yes, you deserve it, and it won’t cost you a fortune.

Topping the list of the the 35 clearest waters in the world as first published in Matador Network, Linapacan is a remote paradise identified as the number one beach to swim in before you die. So if you haven’t swim in there, you cannot die yet.

Not Boracay. Neither the world’s most popular island beaches Tu Sua Ocean Trench and Maldives. Not even Bora Bora.

Linapacan is a group of islands comprising a small town in Palawan province, Southeast of Manila, Philippines. It serves as habitat to only around 14,000 people as per the 2010 census of population, and has not much infrastructure development. This means you can have the islands for yourself for a day or two or more.

Linapacan Palawan Island

One of the undeveloped islands in Linapacan where tourists could stop by, go for a swim or simply walk on the sand.

What to do in Linapacan?

Catch yourself in awe of the crystal-clear turquoise water, and have a nice view of what’s beneath the surface by your naked eyes while in the beat touring around. Should you decide to swim in, and mingle with them, no worries. Just put on your googles and feast on the colorful coral reefs, and the schools of fish underwater.

Linapacan Palawan corals

Touring the island will give you a sight of the stunningly vibrant coral reefs such as this one in Calibangbangan Island, Linapacan. The fish? Make friends with them.

Fall in love with the variety of marine life species too. But aside from that, Linapacan also offers excellent spots for snorkeling, various rural fishing villages, numerous caves, and the ruins of an old Spanish fort to explore.

One day may not be enough to explore Linapacan so decide to stay longer. You may choose to spend the nights from either sleeping on the boat, at one of the homestay options in an island, or at a lodging house at the town proper. While sleeping on the boat would give you a different experience, choosing the latter would give you a chance to mingle with the locals, and learn about the community, and its culture.

Linapacan Palawan photo 2

Experience how it is to live outside the comfort of your home. Be in a remote island, and feel how it is to live differently, even for a day or two in Linapacan.

How to get there?

Sandwiched by two popular Palawan tourist destinations, El Nido and Coron, Linapacan is more accessible to tourists now more than ever.

Easiest access is to fly from Manila to Busuanga/Coron. From Coron, take a boat ride (roughly around Php1,400 or $30 rental) to Linapacan. Second option is to take the El Nido or Taytay route, which means you would need to fly from Manila to Puerto Princesa, then travel by land via van to any of these two towns. If you choose the second option, make sure to spend a few days in either El Nido or Taytay before going to Linapacan. Boat rental is also around Php1,400 or $30.

You may also choose to have four-day boat trip. Budget is around P3,000-P4,000 ($65-$85), including a homestay, meals that include freshly caught seafood. Airfare not included. Check out Cebu Pacific flights daily to Busunga/Coron and Puerto Princesa at

Linapacan Palawan photo 1

You can still be a beach bum but this time, break away from the norms.

Sunset over Linapacan

Enjoy the view of sunset over Linapacan.

Here’s a tip. Never argue with anyone who views summer as a long, adventurous, and thrilling escapades. Bring them to Linapacan.

Photos courtesy of Scott Sporleder, Scott Rinckenberger, Mike Wright,,, and

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