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Watch! Spongecola Serenades Moms on Mother’s Day

Spongecola Harana Mothers Day 2016

IF THERE’S ONE song you’d like to dedicate to your mom, what will it be?
For Spongecola, it is ‘Makapiling Ka,’ a song he wrote when he was 14 years old, in the perspective of his dad with her mom being always away as she works as a flight attendant.

We never thought Spongecola is such a sweet band until we saw this video dedicated to all mothers out there especial this Mother’s Day. We could easily include it as part of the Tribute To Moms: Touching Mother’s Day Videos To Watch Now we just published awhile ago, but with Yael’s personal, touching message, we are publishing it here separately.

In the video, Yael, Armo, Gosh, and T-mac serenade us as they pay tribute to all moms.

“Nanay, inay, mama, mom or mommy – whatever it is we call them – we look for them the moment we open our eyes. We find strength and comfort in their arms, we find counsel in their wisdom and we feel their love every single minute. They have the toughest yet most fulfilling job in the world. They make us wonder how 24 hours a day, seven days a week is enough to do what they do and more.”

You definitely have one song for your mom. Feel free to share your love by making a video and uploading it on YouTube for billions of subscribers worldwide to know how much you love her. Share us the link in the comments.

As Spongecola puts it, to all our mothers, your embrace is the home where our hearts find strength. With all our love and gratitude, Happy Mothers’ Day!

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