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It’s Hot Outside: Things You Need Before Going Out

It is getting hotter and hotter every year because of the climate change and I doubt you didn’t notice that this has been the hottest summer ever. However old you are, you are still prone to all the harm this extreme weather may bring you.

Did you know that too much sun exposure is not good for your health? We can get several skin diseases by staying under the heat at a long period of time. Cancer is the most common disease we can get. Enough knowledge on how to stay safe and to beat the heat is better than cure.

These maybe as simple as they are but here are things to do first before going out so you’ll enjoy the best of the summer without fainting or having a heat stroke.

1. Sunscreen

Girl Sunscreen BeachProtect your skin from sunburn by using the right sunscreen. Make sure it is SPF 30 and above and has UVA and UVB coverage. It is also important to choose water resistant sunscreens because our body produces doubled amount of sweat during the sunny days. Apply all over your body and reapply after every 150 minutes (2.5 hours).

Don’t worry, you won’t need to spend a lot of your savings on sunscreen. Personally, I do shop online, and among my favorite sites are Zalora and Lazada. They are my sites to go to whenever I feel the need to be shopping at a discount.

Just recently, and yeah, little did we know we can now also shop at SM Store online, which gives every online shopper the convenience only online shopping could provide.

But let me tell you a little secret, and that would mean a little detour from our main topic. If you are fond of shopping online, better enjoy a cashback aside from the usual discount, and I just recently discovered that it’s now possible for Filipino online shoppers with now expanding its operation here in the Philippines. Yup, it has partnered with a lot of our favorite shopping sites to not not only give us discount but also cashback.

Shopback Philippines photo 2

Here’s the list of some of the partners of where we could get cashback when we shop online.

2. Wear a hat

sunscreen beach

Wearing a hat will shade your face and head from the direct heat of the sun. This will help lessen the extreme sun rays that strikes on you and will slightly cool your feeling. It is also a good fashion accessory.

3. Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses MAN
Too much light or brightness hurts our eyes and eventually might result to eyesight problems. Cataract is usually caused by the UV rays coming from the sun that is why wearing sunglasses is a must. There are also stylish sunglasses that you can pair with your summer outfits. You are now safe from UV rays and fashionable at the same time.

4. Wear loose-fitting and light colored clothes
summer clothes for girlsLight colored and loose-fitting clothes will help the heat to pass through instead of absorbing it also, it will give you cool feeling because air can circulate through the space. Cotton shirts are perfect for this season. You now know what to buy the next time you shop. This will also avoid overheating, which may cause you to faint.

5. Drink lots of water
Drink a lot of waterOur body sweats a lot and pee often when it is hot. We should always restore the water that we are losing. About 60% of our body is made up of water so if we do not drink in enough water we might experience dehydration. Eight glasses or more of water a day would take you away from varied accidents or illness brought about by the steaming weather.

As much as we love going out, we should put equal to greater amount of love to ourselves. Do not take this summer heat simply, this is really a deadly weather. And if you will only ask Google, it will show you how many have already died since summer has started, just because of this heat. So, if you’d want to live on longer, try taking things seriously and think twice before going out under the broad day light.

Also, stay indoor as much as possible. When shopping, better do it online as much as possible and take advantage of the discounts, and cashback that you can get. Register at and enjoy the promos while it lasts. You can register using your facebook account, and simply follow the self-expanatory instructions. They’re as easy as A-B-C.

Shopback Philippines

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The author is an award-winning journalist-blogger. He works as a Wealth Planner, and manages a team of 50 financial advisors. A brand ambassador for known brands in the Philippines, Ely writes about travel and lifestyle. Follow him on Twitter & Instagram @elysplanet.

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