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Surfin’ It Hot: 7 Awesome Surfing Spots in the Philippines

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It’s really getting hot in here and even though you take your clothes off, it won’t make any difference. So, before you get the stroke, might as well enjoy this extremely hot weather with that pro (or beginner) surfing skills you got there for the past non-surfing-ish seasons.

Surfing is one of the most in-trend activities during this kind of season, but for others, this sport is a huge pain in the wallet because it usually costs you a lot. Starting from the pricey surfboard to planning up a visit to a beach spot with beautiful waves–this really does sound quite a fortune. But heck, with this kind of heat, you wouldn’t even know if you’ll last the whole summer, it wouldn’t hurt to make use of this before it ends. Like they say, YOLO.

Yeah, sure, you may already know one or two spots for surfing, but, knowing a few more won’t do you harm, uh to your budget, maybe. Here are seven surfing spots that you might want to consider in your upcoming beach visit.

1. Baler, Aurora

Surfing in Baler
One of the many reasons why some surfers are hesitant on a certain surfing spot would be the presence of waves. Don’t worry about the waves in this place, though. Professionals say that waves in the Pacific are always and consistently present. If you happen to forget to bring your surfing stuff, there are several surfers’ shop just in the outskirts of the resorts. Board rentals and surfing lessons are also available.

2. Siargao

Siargao Surfing Photo
It may be released many years ago, but the “Halika, Biyahe Tayo” tourism song, with the highly distinguishable voice of Jessa Zaragosa belting out the lyrics “mag-surfing sa Siargao,” (admit it, you sang it to Jessa’s voice in your head, didn’t you? For those who haven’t heard it, just ask help from Google) is still speaking out the truth. Siargao is still one of the most perfect spots for surfing in the country. It wasn’t penned as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines for nothing. Though, possibly, because of its title, it’ll not pass your standards if you opt for a more laid back place. But still, the big waves are still inviting you to go there and see for yourself.

3. Mati, Davao Oriental

Dahican Mati Davao Oriental
Don’t you just love white beaches? But no, not the mainstream white-sanded Boracay, and there’s not much waves there to surf, too. Another beach with handsome Pacific waves is seen at Mati, Davao Oriental. One of the famous surfing beaches here is the Dahican beach. This particular go-to surfing location is a 7-kilometer stretch of white sand beach and clear, blue Pacific waters. It is Mindanao’s pride, calling it the Skimboarding Capital of Mindanao.

4. Pagudpud

Pagudpud Surfing
This one may also be highly frequented these days, but if you’re an avid surfer or a frustrated one, you mustn’t let it off your list. Don’t worry much about the crowd, the wide sea can still accommodate you and your surfing board. And even as a beginner, there’s no need to get intimidated by its gigantic waves, surfing spots are always open for newbies. The long travel to Ilocos will be worth it, you can always have pit stops in its other tourist locations, too.

5. San Juan, La Union

Surfing in La Union

According to surf enthusiasts, La Union is the nearest surf spot from Manila. On a drive through TPLEX, the usual 6-hour travel is cut down to 3-4 hours, depending on how fast you drive and how eager you are to surf. Beginners need not to worry since a surfing session for newbies is available for as low as P400 including instructor and board rentals. Not bad, right? For those who already surf, but don’t have the board, you can rent them for only P200 or so. This trip may lead you to the nearest, cheapest, but most enjoyable surfing trip, so far.

Surfing La Union

Aside from the waves, what we love more about La Union is its sunset. It has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Philippines. Personally, my first surfing lesson was in La Union. In this photo is surfer and surf resort owner, Luke Landrigan with his surf board walking by the beach as the sun is about to set.

6. Bagasbas, Daet, Camarines Norte

Surfing in Bagasbas
Camarines Norte is known to have a stretch of beautiful beaches and, yes, equally beautiful tourists, too. One of the most frequented, but not too crowded beaches in the South is the Bagasbas in Daet. Nice waves are also inviting you to immediately surf as soon as you set foot in the area. Each selfie and groufie will be social media post worthy because of the picturesque view. In our recent trip to the famed Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte, we managed to drop by Bagasbas for some hours of surfing. The waves are perfect for beginners.

7. Taytay, Rizal

Club Manila East Taytay Rizal
You may be wondering how on Earth will a surfing spot emerge in a place where there are no wide beaches. Well, for Club Manila East, they don’t need a beach to let you surf. They have created a man-made wave pool, which can be controlled as to how big or small you want your waves to be. Definitely a safe spot for beginners and even for those who always go for the great, big ones. It is also very accessible, because it’s probably the nearest one in the Metro.

What are you waiting for? Beat the summer heat with the refreshing splash of waves. Besides, it’s better if your skin get tanned at the beach than just the usual getting out under the scorching sun in the city. Now go, the waves are summoning you. Get wet and have a great time.

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