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Meet Sanya Lopez, Encatadia 2016’s ‘Danaya’

Skyranch, Tagaytay City — WHEN THE CAST of the 2016 reboot of Encantadia was recently revealed, fans of the GMA Network’s famed series have gone crazy in anticipation of seeing the well-loved fantaserye on their TV screen once again.

Aside from its unique story penned by Suzette Doctolero, and directed by Mark Reyes, we all know that what made Encantadia a successful series is its characters, particularly the sang’res (princesses) Pirena, Amihan, Danaya, and Alena. So it is quite expected for people to compare the previous ones to the new cast. Will they live up to people’s expectations or at least be at par with the previous cast? Are they pretty enough to be cast as the new sang’res? Are they good enough as actresses? Will they give justice to the roles?

Those questions are the same questions we bombarded Sanya Lopez with during our recent bond-getaway with the new GMA artist talent at Skyranch in Tagaytay. Lopez will play the role of Danaya or the keeper of Earth gem, which was previously played by Diana Zubiri.

Lopez admitted having such pressures but she said she’d like to offer her own take on the role, that’s why she keeps herself busy training while the shoot that’s scheduled first week of May is yet to commence. “I am preparing for it. I am having Arnis training regularly to be physically ready for the fight scenes,” says Lopez who gladly answers our questions in between rides in this well-known attraction here in Tagaytay.

Lopez is cast alongside other Kapuso princesses Glaiza de Castro (Pirena), Gabbi Garcia (Alena), and Kylie Padilla (Amihan). Marian Rivera will play the role of Ynang Reyna, previously played by Dawn Zulueta.

From among the cast, Lopez is considered as one of the newbies who will play a big role as she is just starting her career in Showbiz. Originated from the late German Moreno’s ‘Walang Tulugan,’ she has just launched her acting career on TV with last year’s successful afternoon drama, ‘The Half Sisters‘ where she played the role of Lorna, best friend of the lead, Barbie Forteza.

But getting the role of ‘Danaya’ was not easy, she told ElysPlanet.Com. It came as a big surprise, the pretty lady revealed. When auditioning for Encantadia, Lopez was asked to play various roles, and it was only after a few comebacks she was told of her getting the character. Tall, sexy, and possessing one of the prettiest faces among the ladies, Lopez remains positive she could do justice to the role. The fact that she’s being compared with Zubiri, known to be one of the sexiest stars in the local showbiz, brings more positive ‘pressure’ as she considers it a compliment.

Diana Zubirin on the cover of FHM Magazine September 2014 issue

The former Danaya, Diana Zubirin on the cover of FHM Magazine September 2014 issue.

Future Beauty Queen

Imagine a crown on her head. No, not just as the future queen of Encantadia but of the outside world.

This lady who loves physical activities has no limitations to what role she’d be given moving forward, yet, she’s not yet open to too daring roles as she plans to join a local beauty pageant in a few years time. In Binibining Pilipinas pageant for example, posing nude for a magazine alone could get an aspirant disqualified. That, she said she wouldn’t want to compromise. Still at the young age of 19, Lopez hopes to represent the country in an international pageant when the proper time comes. With her unique beauty, no one would discount that this sang’re could bring another international pageant crown for the Philippines.

Sanya Lopez as beauty queen

Our day of fun with Lopez ended with sweet goodbyes, but in our every fun ride at Skyranch, Lopez revealed piece by piece her sweet but daring personality, enough for us to keep our eye on her as she reaches for her dreams.

Sooner or later, she would definitely become a household name. Just a few weeks after the reveal, she has got Skyranch, Snow Caps Glutathione, Phil Plans, and GMA Artist Center backing her up, making the trip possible.

But with the unsure promise of becoming a huge star, Lopez said she could only do her best to do the task at hand with precision, and with all her heart. With the support of her family, and his older brother, young actor Jak Roberto, who is also working hard building his name in the industry, Lopez prays she’d make it here. With her humility and good heart, we are pretty sure she’ll make it. Expect the hordes of Encantadians to support one of their princesses especially when ‘Encantadia’ starts airing this July on GMA Telebabad.

1 Sanya Lopez as beauty

Skyranch Tagaytay

Sanya Lopez riding this Drop Tower at Skyranch Tagaytay.

1 Sanya Lopez riding 1 Sanya Lopez

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