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Dennis, Heart partner anew with a sexy, naughty ‘Juan Happy Love Story’ on GMA Telebabad

Dennis Trillo and Heart Evangelista 9

WE HAVEN’T SEEN anything like this in prime time TV recently so consider the new onscreen partnership of Dennis Trillo and Heart Evangelista, ‘Juan Happy Love Story‘ as relatable as possible, and engaging at all times, as it is sexy, naughty, and will surely hit the right spot within you.

This maybe for adults, especially for marriage couples of whatever stages, but everyone can relate to so make sure to tune in starting Monday, May 16, after ‘Once Again‘ on GMA Telebabad.

We are telling you this because we got the privilege to watch the first two episodes of the series earlier this week together with a few blogger-friends at La Madera Gastronomic Pub along Tomas Morato in Quezon City. Director LA Madridejos and program manager Hazel Abonita joined us, and answered our queries with regard to this new GMA Network offering.

Both Abonita and Madridejos promised to satisfy the needs of the late night television viewers but instead of giving them heartaches, as many heavy dramas TV series do, they want viewers to sleep soundly with a smile, as ‘Juan Happy Love Story’ is light, funny, and something Filipinos could relate to, less the drama.

The first two episodes are just introductory to the married life of Juan (Trillo) and Happy (Evangelista), which will be the focal point of this series, but it promises an above average series already. Story-wise, it is very Filipino, thus, the natural images in a typical Filipino family are very evident in the first two parts of the series so we could expect a high viewers engagement on this one. Investing on good social media management is a must for the network now for people will definitely be turning to Twitter and Facebook to rave or comment about each episode.

What makes it more interesting is the creative aspect. Being his first TV series to direct, Madridejos did a good job by inserting unique ideas, and challenging the norms by injecting new elements different with what we normally seen in Filipino TV series. Here’s hoping however they could maintain or even improve it as they start airing this week.

As per the acting component, we couldn’t ask for more. Both Trillo and Evangelista are oozing with natural acting talents. Without a doubt, they would deliver.

Juan Happy Love Story Heart Evangelista

Heart Evangelista in a scene in ‘Juan Happy Love Story.’ Photo taken during our advance screening at La Madera in Quezon City.

Juan Happy Love Story Dennis Trillo

Dennis Trillo in ‘Juan Happy Love Story.’ Watch out for him, and his sexiness in the series starting Monday, May 16 on GMA telebabad.

By the looks of it however, it would be more challenging for Evangelista who is by nature, part of the elite showbiz girls to portray a poor flight attendant in this one. But being a best actress awardee for her role as a teacher in a poor community years ago, this should come easy for her. Basing on the director’s words, Evangelista surprises them with her natural take on the character, something the masses do not know about.

As for Trillo, we don’t think he needs to prove himself with regard to acting. His role in here should be his most natural state. Fans have only one wish however: a half-naked Trillo per episode. Well, the first two episodes would definitely treat you with the actor’s abs, and hunky-ness, but be sure to never discount his acting, okay?

And ohh! This post won’t end without mentioning newcomer Rob Moya who we find very sexy and gorgeous during the first two episodes that we can’t wait to see more of him in the next ones. Moya plays the role of Kyle, Trillo’s bestfriend in this series.

Juan Happy Love Story Dennis Trillo and Rob Moya

Newcomer Rob Moya is a face to set your eyes upon as he joined ‘Juan Happy Love Story’ playing the character of Dennis Trillo’s bestfriend.

Synopsis (GMA Network): This primetime show will allow viewers to appreciate their own love stories through Juan and Happy’s journey, how a man and a woman who are worlds apart in their views about life and love find themselves in a whirlwind romance.

Juan is a responsible and go-getter businessman who is also a certified ‘chick boy.’ He meets Happy, a feisty and family-oriented woman who relies on signs to find her The One.

Their life will be tested when they found out they cannot bear a child. As their solution, they decide to adopt a child. The lovers will then find Katkat, a 6-year-old bubbly girl. They had a whirlwind romance and eventually marry.

They started having marital problems and they decided to separate. But because it will be easier for two parents to adopt a child instead of a single parent, Happy asked Juan to live with her again so that the DSWD will grant their application for adoption. Juan agrees vowing to win Happy back.

Agatha and Bob will try to intervene. Agatha, played by Kim Domingo, has started falling in love with her business partner, Juan. Bob, to be played by Joross Gamboa, is hoping to win his high school best friend Happy.

With Bob and Agatha’s plan to break Juan and Happy’s marriage, will they be able to legally adopt Katkat? Will they be able to create a family that they have both longed for?

Dennis Trillo and Heart Evangelista 6

It’s gonna be a whirlwind romance between Juan (Dennis Trillo) and Happy (Heart Evangelista) in this unique series about their love story on GMA Telebabad starting Monday, May 16.

Also part of the series are Ms. Gloria Romero as Lola Mameng and Mr. Nick Lizaso as Lolo Caloy, Juan’s grandparents; Gardo Versoza as Boyong and Lotlot De Leon as Isay, Happy’s parents; Ericka Padilla as Joy, Happy’s older sister; Joross Gamboa as Bob, Happy’s childhood best friend; Dominic Roco as Henry, Happy’s brother-in-law; Kim Domingo as Agatha, Juan’s business partner; Vincent Magbanua as Lucky, Happy’s youngest brother; Rob Moya is Kyle, Juan’s bestfriend; Leanne Bautista as Katkat, Juan and Happy’s adopted child; Arianne Bautista as Sally, Happy’s friend; Koreen Medina as Lorriane, Kyle’s wife and Happy’s friend; Vince Gamad as Glenn, Juan’s friend.



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