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Goin’ Out: 6 Summer Travel Must Haves

Sunglasses for Men and Women

THE MONTH OF MAY could be the last chance to plan your last minute vacation. The first things you will probably prepare are work (vacation) leave, plane tickets or car to use, hotel bookings, and pocket money. And when you have these things at hand, you’ll just put anything you “think” are needed in your travel bag, then off you go.

However, though you might have some really good picks for summer hidden in your closet or you plan to shop for new ones, you should be asking yourself: “Are these essential?,” “Do I really need them there?,” “What am I lacking?,” or “Are these really useful?”. Don’t worry, you don’t have to answer these questions alone. We have prepared a goodie list for you to have a hint on what to bring on that special trip. Should you want them new but don’t wanna break the bank, worry not, we are also sharing with you some hacks we just found out recently that saved us a lot of money.

Here are 6 summer travel essentials that shouldn’t be missing in your backpack or “That Thing Called Tadhana” suitcase.

1. Swimsuit

swimwear for men and women
It doesn’t matter if it’s two-piece, one-piece, high-waisted, or a rash guard. Whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable, and well, at least slightly fashionable is great. You wouldn’t want to be wearing something that’s in trend, but makes you adjust it more than you have actually enjoyed your beaching, right? Also, just be yourself. It’ll show, anyway. Trying won’t make you look good, it’s feeling good and enjoying the moment that would do you. You may wanna check out Lazada for such items.

2. Pair of sunnies

beach sunglasses pair
Bring something that would really protect your eyes from the sun. There’s a lot of styles to choose from. You may bring as many pairs as you’d like to match the outfits you brought. And not only to protect your eyes from the sun, but also to hide those puffy eyes that came as a result of a long travel or an all-nighter summer party the night before. Plus, don’t you think selfies are a bit cooler when you strike a pose wearing sunnies with the wide, blue sea as your backdrop?

3. UV Protected Sunscreen Lotion

sunscreen for men
You may or may not be conscious to how tanned your skin can get after spending long hours under the heat of the sun, but you may want to still protect it from its harmful rays, though. Most especially this moment in time, where the heat is doubled and the ozone layer is being ultimately thinned by harmful chemicals caused by us, humans. Protection is everything. It may not be immediately observed, but you know skin cancer is real.

4. First Aid Kit

first aid kit
Always be safe. Chances of having scrapes and cuts are very high while in an outdoor activity that is why a first aid kit should always be handy. It is important to disinfect or treat immediately those wounds or minor injuries preventing them to get worse. It is better to be prepared rather than not. Safety should always be on the top of your list when traveling.

5. Complete Hygiene Set

Hygiene KitDouble or triple check your hygiene set before leaving your house. Nothing is more comfortable knowing that you’ve got in your travel bag everything that you need especially to keep your body clean. Mini bottles are very useful in times like these. Fill them up with your shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, or liquid soaps so they will all fit in your bag.

6. Party Outfit

Summer Garden Party Outfit

Summer Garden Party Outfit

Ensure that you have a variety of OOTD’s with you. Sudden party plan with your group is unavoidable. So make sure you are ready to rock with your outfit. This will not only save you from a fashion fail, but also from spending too much in panic buying clothes that are not even included in your budget.

Summer Party Cocktail

Summer Party Cocktail

There’s a lot to bring when you plan a trip out of town. Sometimes, in your eagerness there’s an intense urge to almost bring your whole closet with you, but you know you can’t. So, at least make sure that these things will be readily available in your vacation.

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2 Shopback - Main
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