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Listening to Top One Project’s Debut Album

TOP - Album GMA

FROM THE HORDES of hopefuls for last year’s GMA Network’s search for the next boy band, ‘To The Top,’ five lucky guys managed to reach the zenith, and they’re staying there, if not soaring even higher months after being selected as winners.

The vocally-gifted, pretty boys met with us again earlier this week not to compete for media attention anymore but with their debut album to offer Filipino music lovers worldwide.

What we saw in them are no longer boys in their twenties but a more refined group of young lads who are now more confident with their style, and musicality, and with awesome music just waiting to be listened to, and to be loved by the Filipino people. The album is called T.O.P. short for Top One Project, also the name of the group composed of MIKO Manguba, MICO Cruz, LOUIE Pedroso, JOSHUA Jacobe, and ADRIAN Pascual.

TOP - GMA Artists

T.O.P. members (from left to right) Mico Cruz, Louie Pedroso, Miko Manguba, Adrian Pascual, and Joshua Jacobe.

They gave us a sampler of each of the six tracks in the album, A Capella, impromptu, as we requested for it for our respective YouTube channels.

T.O.P. didn’t disappoint. And we know for a fact that they will surely conquer the real world of showbiz with their brand of music. These guys have real talent, and we saw how they labored their way up to get a spot in the group, now managed by GMA Artist, and with Maestro Ryan Cayabyab backing them up.

The album was first released digitally on April 28, 2016, and are available on Spotify and iTunes. Days later, the physical copy was released, and the guys happily told us that in less than one week, the album was sold out in several record bars already thanking their fans who unceasingly followed them since the start of the competition.

Under GMA Records, the group re-record five of the most popular songs from ‘To The Top’ and composed another original song (San Na’) to complete the six-track album: ‘Bakit Ganon’, ‘Somebody’, ‘Kaya Ko, Kaya Mo’, ‘Alaala’, and carrier single, ‘Paggising’.

Most of these songs are written by known local artists that include Chino David (Silent Sanctuary) and Brian Lotho who are both under Sonic State Audio.

Their own composition, ‘San Na’ was a result of an experiment as the group challenged their skills in writing and music production. Louie and Mico Cruz wrote the lyrics, Miko Manguba, Joshua, and Adrian on the other hand focused on the technical aspects of the song.

They joined us for a short snack at GMA Network’s 17th floor for the blogger’s conference for their album wherein they also discussed the inspirations behind each track. And yes, the kids are single but are not yet ready for any serious relationships. You would understand for they’re mostly in their early 20s, and the youngest, Adrian, is only 17 years old.

With that, we could only imagine a more vibrant OPM industry in the years to come. We gotta protect our local artists by patronizing their works. We do. Truth is, we are listening to their music as we are writing this post. *Grin*.

T.O.P album

Listening to good music is actually part of my morning ritual. Here’s taking a proof while having coffee before our meetings.


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