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Taste the best of Taiwan in Manila

Taiwan's Pop Up Store in the Philippines

TAIWAN BEER. SHOES. Sweet Mountain. Facial Masks. Naruko. And more of your favorite Taiwanese brands and products. Name it, they might just have it.

With personal biases, I so love Taiwan Beer, and this news of having more Taiwanese brands in the Philippines didn’t just make me excited but made me reminisce the days in our little Palawan island where we used to have Taiwanese businessmen giving us the first taste of Taiwan products.

That was decades ago. When I was just a young boy who could only sip a little of Taiwan Beer our adult counterparts enjoy. It was only when we were allowed to drink beers years later that I really enjoyed their popular beers. But the chocolates? I could still remember feasting on them! *Grin*. So tasting some during our visit at the “Wow! Taiwan Selects Pop-up Store” at Glorietta 1 on Tuesday made me smile the widest.

Taiwanese Beers sold in PH

Yes, Filipinos can now buy some of the best products from Taiwan here in Manila as the “Wow! Taiwan Selects Pop-up Store” debuted in the Philippines this week with the theme “Let’s Home Party!”

This is to support Taiwanese manufacturers in exporting products to the country while giving Filipinos a fresh impression of Taiwan.

Authorized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), the Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI) ran the exhibition to showcase products that appealed especially to younger consumers.

If you haven’t visited it yet, it’s time to go there for the week-long exhibit will only run until Sunday, May 29.

Wow Taiwan Exhibit in the Philippines

Most of the products are now available in select stores in the Philippines, while the edible ones like chocolates are sold at 7-Eleven stores nationwide.


Josh Kang, Director of the Department of Global Marketing & Consulting Division of Marketing Research, Wow! Taiwan Selects said in a press statement that based on their study of the Philippine market with the youth comprising most of the population, “We were convinced about the strong market potential of the country, and that’s why we decided on a store theme that grabs the attention of young Filipinos.”

The pop-up store featured delicacies, cosmetics, fashion, technology, and modern household goods catering to a younger market. The store was designed to exude a party-like vibe, while the use of bright, energetic colors such as blue, yellow, and orange that created an atmosphere modern Filipino families would enjoy.

For the Philippines, 15 popular Taiwanese brands were introduced, with freebies and demos so guests would get a taste of Taiwan’s best. We just had ours on the opening day.

Featured beauty and skincare brands included Dr. Morita, a facial mask brand that has sold 30 million pieces worldwide; Naruko, which makes natural skincare products; TS6, a globally famous probiotic brand for women’s health; Hydron, the top Taiwanese contact lens brand; Dr. Formula, a body and beauty care line developed by a professional medical team; and City Color, a brand known for its affordable fashion cosmetic products.

As for lifestyle, the pop-up store introduced Filipino consumers to Sakura, one of the best brands in integrated kitchenware; KTV-Brio, the smart mobile product manufacturer; O’Ringo, a well-known handmade leather shoe brand in Taiwan; and Kimo Footwear, which adopts German design to Asian needs to design comfortable shoes.

Finally, guests indulged in delectable treats and beverages from Taiwan, including Seven Seven, a chocolate snack brand that has sold 6.75 billion chocolate treats worldwide; Taiwan Beer, an authentic Taiwanese beer in classic and fruit flavors; Sweet Mountain, which offers updated versions of traditional cookies and jelly treats; Royal Family, a brand famous for its Japanese-style rice cake; and Yon Ho, a soy milk brand that is popular internationally.

IMG_0120 IMG_0122 IMG_0152 IMG_0156 IMG_0250

The Philippines is only the store’s first stop in the ASEAN region this 2016. The “Wow! Taiwan Selects Pop-up Store” will next be making stops in Indonesia and Vietnam. For more about the featured products, check out


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