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Mikael Daez shares ‘Magic of Spontaneity’, connects with the world one video at a time

Mikael Daez Vlog 06

GET RID OF any plans and just do anything when the timing feels right.

GMA Artist Center star Mikael Daez told the subscribers of his YouTube channel, where he connects with the world one video at a time.

Feeling hungry? Look around and choose what your heart and tummy tell you to. Up for coffee? Skip those mobile apps and just ask the locals where they would typically want to get a cup. The magic of spontaneity never disappoints, the actor believes.

Adventurous by nature, Mikael wants to live his life to the fullest and he wants to take as many people with him as possible. Using the power of social media, the Kapuso star is inspired to advocate the love for culture and shares his experiences through his own perspective by making video blogs (vlogs).

Mikael Daez Vlog 02

In his channel, Mikael takes pride on informative clips that can help anyone who is hungry for an adventure get the best out of any trip. From finding the best restaurants to getting in the know of the latest trend in art, Mikael is one step ahead to those who have been doing travel blogs. His key to paradise: spontaneity.

In his own passionate way, Mikael inspires people to explore more of the world and get a better understanding of the different cultures.

“I travel a lot and I thought videos were a cool way to preserve the memories and share the experience. I want my audience to be aware of all the destinations I’ve been to and to possibly pick up their own travel ideas. I think travelling is a scary or an intimidating idea in itself but I’m hoping my videos show that it’s more fun than scary,” Mikael said.

Mikael usually travels with his long time girlfriend, actress turned beauty queen, Miss World 2013 Megan Young.

Mikael Daez with girlfriend, Megan Young 05

Mikael Daez with girlfriend, Megan Young 04 Mikael Daez with girlfriend, Megan Young

Check out his YouTube channel and blog now for more of Mikael’s adventures.


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