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Number of AlDub TV Commercials Continue to Increase

Aldub TV Commercial Hapee Toothpaste

ALDEN RICHARDS, dubbed as the “Pambansang Bae”, and Maine Mendoza, who became popular as the dub smash queen “Yaya Dub” have undeniably taken the world by storm through Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye segment. From the ratings war of noontime shows, the phenomenal couple has now also dominated the advertisement industry as proven by the increasing number of AlDub TV commercials.

#AlDubKoTo: First AlDub TV Commercial

Aldub TV Commercial - McDo

The record 26 million tweets for hashtag #AlDubEBforLOVE during the September 6 episode of the Kalyeserye segment was one of the major reasons why giant brands such as McDonald’s Philippines got huge interest on the phenomenal AlDub. Margot Torres, McDonald’s Philippines Senior Vice-President for Marketing, shared that the new product Chicken Fillet a la King exceeded the company’s target. Because of the #AlDubKoTo TV commercial, Torres said that their sales has expanded by 470%.

Aldub TV Commercial - Talk and Text

With the success of their first commercial, a telecommunications firm has also taken them as endorsers. The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) has sought the couple to endorse the rebranded Talk ‘N Text, which is now called TNT. Since the success of their first two AlDub endorsements it seemed that the couple is on their way to signing more contracts to promote major product and service brands.

List of AlDub TV Commercials

3. Zonrox

Aldub TV Commercial - Zonrox

4. Bear Brand Adult Plus

Aldub TV Commercial - Bear Brand Adult Plus

5. Coca Cola

Aldub TV Commercial - Coca Cola Philippines

6. Hapee Toothpaste

Aldub TV Commercial Hapee Toothpaste


7. Downy Fabric Conditioner

Aldub TV Commercial - Happee Toothpaste

8. Tide

Aldub TV Commercial - TIDE

9. Datu Puti

Aldub TV Commercial - Datu Puti

10. Nescafe Classic

Aldub TV Commercial - Nescafe

11. Bingo Cookie Sandwich

Aldub TV Commercial - Bingo

12. Lemon Square Lava Cake

Aldub TV Commercial - Lemon Square Lava Cake

13. Lucky Me Pancit Canton Labuyo

Aldub TV Commercial - Lucky Me Pancit Canton Labuyo

14. Magnolia Ice Cream

Aldub TV Commercial - Magnolia Ice Cream

15. Cadburry Dairy Milk

Aldub TV Commercial - Cadburry Dairy Milk

All in all, there is now a total of 15 AlDub TV commercials, which make the couple the most bankable endorsers today. Aside from these, the couple is also an endorser of the Belo Medical Group, Bench and Technomarine. As a couple, AlDub currently has a total of 18 endorsements.

But wait, there’s more! Aside from AlDub endorsements, Alden and Maine also has their respective endorsements. Both of them have separate TV commercials for other brands.

List of Alden TV Commercials

1. Neozep
2. Gard Shampoo
3. 555 Carne Norte
4. Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog
5. Cebuana Lhuillier Remittance
6. Mitsubishi Mirage
7. PhilPlans

In addition to these and AlDub TV commercials, Alden also endorses Snow Caps Glutathione, YAZZ, SKK Mobile, Boardwalk, Doña Maria Rice, Sterling Notebook, and Convergy’s. Currently, Alden Richards appears in a total of 22 TV commercials. As the Pambansang bae himself, he now has a total of 32 endorsements. Wow! Let’s see how Maine fares.

List of Maine TV Commercials

1. O+ Plus Ultra
2. 555 Fried Sardines
3. Rejoice Shampoo
4. Eskinol
5. CDO Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino
6. Betadine Fresh Bliss
7. Modess
8. BDO Kiss
9. Mitsubishi Mirage

Yaya Dub also endorses Avon. All in all, Maine Mendoza queen appears in a total of 24 TV commercials. As the dub smash queen herself, she now has a total of 28 endorsements.

As it seems, the phenomenal couple has surpassed other celebrities in the numbers of brands endorsed. Definitely, they are now more bankable than other reigning TV endorsers like Kris Aquino and Sharon Cuneta. There are rumors that the next AlDub TV commercials are for Red Ribbon, Yakult and Enervon.



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  2. Paula says

    Panapanahon lang yan my question is how long will they stay as hot artist??? I think when it comes to endorsement kris aquino is still the most bankable star.. from 2004 till now kris aquino is the number one endorser and kris aquino is the highest paid endorser now.. it could be the one endorsement fee of kris could be the total of 4 endorsement fee of aldub.. sharon i think is no longer relevant as far as tvc is concern..


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