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Video: Baron Geisler punched by Kiko Matos in a QC bar

Baron Geisler photo

CONTROVERSIAL ACTOR BARON GEISLER is caught in another video once more, this time, a brawl between him and another actor, Kiko Matos.

In the video, the actor was seen punched by Matos in a bar along Tomas Morato in Quezon City. The video has become viral since it was posted on May 27 on Facebook by user Medmessiah CombatBoi.

In an interview with Baron earlier today, he told the actor, “Magkita tayo sa mata. Pagod ako. Pagod na pagod ako. Pero sige. Ikaw, Kiko Matos, magkita tayo sa mata. Mahal kita, pero bibigwasan kita. Isa lang.

Kiko Matos Photo

Kiko Matos

Matos is an Indie actor. He was last seen in a film with Sollenn Heusaff ‘Mumbai Love’ in 2013 after his series of Indie films which include Cinemalaya film, ‘Babagwa’ where he played the alter ego of Alex Medina.

It can be recalled that just last week, Baron was seen in a viral video posted by UP film students who hired the actor for their thesis film. The video was posted on Facebook by Khalil Verzosa, a Fine Arts student majoring in Visual Communications at the University of the Philippines. He said they hired the actor for a video production but had neglected to send him the script in advance. The actor showed up for the shoot raring for a fight.

But days later, the issue was settled between them. In a post by Versoza on Facebook, he said, “Baron and I spoke on the phone and resolved the issue between ourselves.”


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