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Where to Stay in Okinawa While Discovering its Underrated Island Beaches?

Okinanawa Japan Beach

You most likely won’t think that Japan is home to numerous gorgeous island beaches, will you? Well, people from all over the world are starting to discover the many underrated island beaches in Japan for the past several years. Most of these wonders are located in Okinawa and in the Southwest Islands. Some of these beaches that offer picturesque views are Gahi-jima and Kume-jima that also offers very sparkling waters as seen in the photo below.

View of Kume-jima Beach towards Yurigahama.

View of Kume-jima Beach towards Yurigahama.

Another beach island that will surely take your breath away is the Aharen Beach (featured photo), which is located one hour away from Naha, Okinawa. Just looking at the view of the beach will truly amaze you.

Well, surely these are enough to prove to you that Japan is also home to many must-visit beaches. But contain your excitement first. You need to look for the best accommodations in Okinawa that don’t charge high rates. You don’t need to shell out large sums of money for accommodation just to enjoy Japan’s beautiful beaches. You can look for cheap ones that also offer great services and amenities.

To help you out, below are of Okinawa cheap hotels that you can highly consider:

Hotel Livemax Naha Tomariko

Hotel Livemax Naha Tomariko Okinawa Japan
The cozy and warm vibe of the room is just inviting. Prices start at around $30 per room for two persons. Its main amenities include air conditioning, 56 guestrooms, self-serve laundry, multilingual staff, and daily housekeeping.

Hotel Livemax Naha Tomariko Okinawa Japan Lobby
The hotel lobby is also very welcoming. You’ll definitely like the fact that there is free WiFi so you can post real-time updates for your social media and real-life friends.

United Resort Yomitan

United Resort Yomitan, Okinawa Japan ROOM
The accents and lighting of the rooms in this hotel are just dreamy and can make you feel sleepy in a few minutes. Price rates start at around $175 per night.

United Resort Yomitan, Okinawa Japan ROOM 2
The main amenities of the hotel are air conditioning, self-serve laundry, multilingual staff, two smoke-free condos, and its location that is near the beach. For 18 minutes, you can walk to reach the Nirai Beach.

United Resort Yomitan, Okinawa Japan

After a tiring but fun time at the beach during the day, you want to indulge yourself in the intoxicating feel of a nice wine. Who would have thought that Okinawa cheap hotels look this good?

Hotel Yugaf Inn Bise

Hotel Bise, Okinawa Japan ROOM 2
The hotel looks simple but it is also home to several amenities like outdoor pool, restaurant, 50 guestrooms, availability of breakfast, and the location that is also near the beach. You only need to walk for three minutes to reach Emerald Beach.

Hotel Bise, Okinawa Japan ROOM
The rooms are spacious and are great if you have friends or relatives with you in your hunt of the stunning island beaches in Japan. Price rates of the rooms start at around $60 per night.

Aside from these hotels, you may also consider Hotel Hamby Resort and Hotel Stork. With any of these Okinawa cheap hotels, you’ll definitely enjoy your stay in the city and will have an unforgettable encounter with its paradise-like island beaches.

Photos from lonelyplanet.com, supercoolbeaches.com, ph.hotels.com

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