Month: June 2016

Duterte with the Media

The Prez and the Press

REGRETTABLY, the conversation between President-elect Rodrigo Duterte and the news media has turned sharp and shrill. All but lost in the noise is the two parties’ common duty in law and tradition to serve and to inform the Filipino people on issues, events and policies that affect their interest and welfare. Advertisements

Juan For Fun - Main

15 Adventurous Studs Compete for Cebu Pacific’s ‘Juan For Fun 2016 Backpackers Challenge’

FIFTEEN COLLEGE STUDENTS composing the five trio-teams from various parts of the country are ready to compete for a life-changing travel experience via Cebu Pacific’s Juan For Fun Backpackers Challenge 2016, which will commence tomorrow, June 23. They faced the media with their respective coach, as a team for the first time today in a short program at the Grand Ballroom of Marriott Hotel in Pasay City, highlighted by the very first challenge via Juander Games.