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Cebu Pacific, Unionbank Let You Fly For Free Faster Based On Your Go Getter Lifestyle

A CERTAIN MEME about travelling is making us lose our minds and think, “Yeah, if it was free, I will be out there and you wouldn’t even catch me.”

However, what that meme fail to make us realize is that, you shouldn’t wait for forever without doing something for that “free trip,” because actually, you can make it happen even sooner.

How? Well, it’s easy, but it also depends on what your lifestyle is. Don’t worry, we’ll share with you everything you need to know to get that free trip going. This dream-turned-reality promise was made possible by the recent partnership between the Union Bank Philippines and GetGo rewards by Cebu Pacific.

We attended the launch of this awesome partnership at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig on May 30, and we were in awe knowing that this makes every Pinoy travel without spending a dime but by simply living your kind of lifestyle.

GetGo rewards by Cebu Pacific can now be availed and obtained through three beautifully-designed cards under UnionBank. So, that’s basically what we mean by getting your faster and free travels depending on your lifestyle. But then again, how? Here they are.

The Debit Lifestyle

Getgo Debit Card

Your next staycation is not without extra points usable for your next trips. You can enjoy your lifestyle and fly for free faster now with this debit card from Unionbank and Cebu Pacific.

You can accommodate this kind of lifestyle through the Cebu Pacific GetGo Debit Card by UnionBank (blue). This is the first and the only debit card in the country that lets you earn points for free travels while you use your card in your usual, everyday transactions. But not only that, when they mean transaction, they don’t mean large sums of money. By using the GetGo Debit Card, you can easily earn 1 GetGo point from spending only 88 pesos! And this card makes it even much better, because it’s a savings account without minimum maintaining balance. Plus, you also get advanced alerts of Cebu Pacific seat sales, exclusive sales, and other promos.

You only need to be a current resident of the Philippines to be eligible for application. Aside from having your points automatically transferred to your GetGo accounts monthly, this VISA card is accepted worldwide. You may get to use it in your transactions abroad and even online, and also, there’s a wide and convenient access to ATMs in the country thru Bancnet.

You love travel so every point earned with your every move is important, including card purchases, which would be easily used to buy plane tickets thru @getgoph. Here's good news, friends! We can now #FlyForFreeFaster when shopping using UnionBank's beautifully-designed #GetGo debit card. Each P88 spend is equal to 1 point. Just got 100 points today as I purchased new travel essentials using the newly-released card here at ROX BGC. How cool is that? #TravelMore

Each purchase is important as an P88-peso spend using this debit card is equal to one GetGo point, making you earn points to #FlyForFreeFaster. We shopped for our first points during the launch of these cards for our next travel at R.O.X. at Bonifacio Global City.

Cebu Pacific Debit Card at ROX

Using Cebu Pacific Debit Card for the first time buying travel essential at ROX in BGC.

The Gold Lifestyle

Like the first lifestyle, you can accommodate (and enjoy) this one through the Cebu Pacific GetGo Credit Card by UnionBank (gold). No more worries swiping your credit card and ending guilty after doing so, because with GetGo Credit Card, you earn travel points every time you spend. Don’t you think hitting two birds with one stone is the ultimate life? You get to have what you spent for, plus you earn 1 GetGo point for every 30 pesos spent. Yes, you read that right, for as low as P30, you start seeing your free Cebu Pacific trip materialize before your eyes. Wonderful, eh?

Not only will you get free GetGo points while you use your credits, you also get to use this VISA card worldwide, automatic GetGo points transfer monthly, and get early updates for Cebu Pacific seat sales and promos. Isn’t that kind of life amazing?

Getgo Card - CEB 1

Nik Laming, General Manager of the Loyalty Division of Cebu Pacific said they’re happy with the public’s reception of GetGo when they launched it last year, and believes this partnership would make the traveling Pinoys even more excited.

Getgo Card - CEB 2

Mike Szucks, Cebu Pacific’s Chief Executive Adviser welcomes Unionbank in their big networks of partners for GetGo rewards.

Getgo Card - CEB 3

Unionbank Philippines’ President and COO Edwin Bautista said this partnership with Cebu Pacific is a welcome development for them, and hopes for more Filipinos to maximize the campaign.

The Platinum Lifestyle

Last, but certainly, definitely, not the least, this lifestyle is achievable through the Cebu Pacific GetGo Platinum Credit Card by UnionBank (black). With the GetGo Platinum Credit Card, you get everything that the other 2 lifestyle get, and even better. From as simple as being a current resident of the Philippines, you can get the GetGo points for every P30 spent, VISA worldwide access, and advance updates for Cebu Pacific seat sales and promos.

But wait, there’s a lot more! Aside from those mentioned above for this lifestyle, you are also entitled to priority check-ins in all of your Cebu Pacific flights, a free 5kg excess-baggage allowance on all your Cebu Pacific flights, a complimentary access to the airport lounge, and a whooping complimentary comprehensive travel insurance worth up to 10 million pesos. This is the best lifestyle you can get, ever.

All you need to prepare to live any of this lifestyle are your usual documents like name-bearing IDs, proof of address, and proof of income.

So whoever made that meme, implying that you can never travel for free knows nothing and needs some lecturing. Because, hello, Cebu Pacific’s GetGo and UnionBank PH is basically serving your much-deserved free trips on a silver platter. All you’re left to do is grab your papers and apply now! What’re you waiting for?

Cebu Pacific Get Go Cards Launch

This blogger with fellow bloggers during the launch of another milestone for Cebu Pacific and Unionbank.

GetGo Reward Cards Chill Out

Fun night with friends at the GetGo and Unionbank Cards launch. Gonna be flying for free faster the soonest.

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By profession, the author is a Financial Consultant and Certified Estate Planner in the Philippines. An award-winning journalist-blogger, Ely is also passionate about spreading financial literacy among Filipinos and is managing a team of around a hundred financial consultants/advisors. A brand ambassador for known brands in the Philippines, Ely writes about travel and lifestyle when not meeting clients to discuss about solidifying their financial portfolios. Follow him on Twitter & Instagram @elysplanet. Check out as well.

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