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Delicious, Budget-Friendly Recipes Know No Social Status, Say ‘Home Foodie’ Hosts

NO MATTER WHAT your social status is, you can cook and prepare delicious, budget-friendly recipes for your family like everyone else.

That was the statement from San Miguel Pure Foods ‘Home Foodie’ hosts who met with the media earlier today for the launch of the second season of the 3-minuter cooking show on television. ‘Home Foodie’ Season 2 will start airing Monday, June 13 after Unang Hirit on GMA Network.

You won’t categorize each recipe as pang-masa or pang-medical class because they use very common ingredients in their cooking.

Chefs Llena Tan-Arcenas, Rene Ruz and RJ Garcia from San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center promise 19 easy-to-do recipes for this season that the viewers will definitely enjoy, and hopefully, do try at home.

Host Drew Arellano thinks the same. The food that they prepare may sometimes look intimidating but these are easy to cook, and are inexpensive, he said. Besides, the recipes for the new season are “Kayang-kayang Sarap” or delicious and definitely doable that even kitchen newbies can do the recipes.

With that, you could be a certified foodie too. As per definition, anyone with an interest in food and new food experiences is a foodie.

Chef Llena said San Miguel Pure Foods believes that aside from dining out, foodies should also come home and harness their passion for food by cooking in their own kitchen and creating their own food experience.

“Home Foodie is all about inspiring home cooks to reinvent traditional favorites and recreate dishes from food discoveries using San Miguel Pure Foods products.”

Who Should Cook at Home?

The sweet couple.

The sweet couple, Drew and Iya Villania-Arellano while having their sweet moment earlier today while Chef Llena does her thing. Today’s discussion revealed that Chef Llena commented on the couple, “Anggugulo nila” during their first taping day with Iya, The chef later told the press they are “real people” unlike other celebrities. – photo.

Asked on who should prepare food at home, the hosts believe it does’t matter. Gone are the days that cooking is a ‘mother thing.’ In Arellano’s small kitchen for example, Drew is “the confident chef,” says Iya Villania-Arellano in between laughs, teasing her husband. Iya is now part of Home Foodie family.

The hosts, and Drew himself welcomes Iya in the show that gives viewers idea on what good food to prepare in easy steps, and without spending dollars.

Iya on the other hand is the dessert queen, as she loves pastries. She’s coming in to the show believing that she carries in herself a foodie’s blood as her mom is a good cook herself. Surrounded by chefs however, Iya believes she’s yet to gain her confidence in the kitchen so to become a better one.

These celebrities believe cooking is something that should be done by couples together, and is never a chore exclusively for wives alone.

Drew has been the perfect host in Season 1 given his wide mass appeal, non-alienating persona aside from being a true blue foodie, says a press statement handed to ElysPlanet.Com. “Drew will continue to inspire and encourage both men and women to enjoy food by spending time in their kitchens.”

Iya on the other hand represents all wives and mothers, who are not just food lovers but are also keen on learning and discovering more for the satisfaction and welfare of their loved ones. Iya, who is equally popular and looked up to by her followers and peers, will encourage kitchen newbies to cook as she takes on the journey herself, from novice to an intermediate cook.

Witness this couple’s cooking adventure at Home Foodie as the episodes tackle domestic struggles that are commonly experienced when it comes to learning and preparing great food for our loved ones.

You could also expect to learn tips and techniques in food preparation with the experts from the San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center chefs. Catch the new season of Home Foodie Mondays thru Fridays, after Unang Hirit on GMA7.

Couple Drew Arellano and Iya Villania with the chefs of San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center.

Chef Llena of San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center explains to the press the foods they are about to share with them over lunch.

Couple Drew Arellano and Iya Villania with the chefs of San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center. - Photo

Real-life husband and wife, Drew Arellano and Iya Villania with the chefs of San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center.

Photos by Ely Valendez; featured photo from GMA Network/HomeFoodie2.

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