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8 Travel Hacks You Should Do to Save on Your Next Trips

TRAVELING MAY SEEM to be an expensive and luxurious hobby if you don’t know how to save money from expenses. The airfare alone discourages many from traveling to far destinations. But will you just continue with your regular routine of going to work in the morning and coming back at home in the evening without discovering and exploring new places? Don’t lose hope. We can help you go to more places without having the need to always shell out large sums of money.

Below are eight tips you can highly consider when planning your next trip:

1. Book early.

Book airline tickets early
Though there is no hard and fast rule in booking flights to get the best deal, you can still book a flight with the cheapest possible price. The general rule is to book early so you can avail of the discounts. However, booking too early, like more than three months before your schedule is not advisable. The ticket price during these times is still very high. At least, book flights 21 days or three weeks before the schedule. Most of the time, you can find the cheapest rate six weeks before your planned travel. So, the idea is to book flights within the three to twelve weeks date range. But better check on the sale as announced by your airlines of choice.

2. Couch surf.

Accommodation is another item on your travel expenses that will require big budget. But that was a long time ago. There are now ways to greatly reduce or to even remove accommodation expenses. For many years, people who love travel and culture have relied on couch surfing, which allowed them to have a place to stay for free, to have someone who provides the food and to meet new people and discover new culture. There are even stories of couch surfers who gained new friends and best friends. There are also those who found their partner in life. Couch surfing is easy. You just have to find a couch surfing site, sign up and create your profile. There, you can send or accept couch surfing requests. It’s that easy!

3. Use credit card miles and points.

Credit Cards
When you have credit cards, you earn points whenever you use it to shop. These points can then be used to avail discounts on airfare and hotel rates. For example, there are credit companies that may allow you to trade 10,000 points for 15,000 miles. It maybe best to have a regular credit card instead of a card that is airline-specific but there are specific credit card-airline partnerships that you may wanna take advantage of. So look for credit cards that can provide you the best value. Just recently, Cebu Pacific with its GetGo Reward Card for travelers has inked partnership with Unionbank wherein cardholders get one point for every P30-P88 spend on their debit and credit cards, which could be used for airline ticket purchase.

4. Go backpacking.

Backpacking is a trip that is longer than conventional vacations. It’s budget-friendly because it involves the use of public transportation. As a backpacker, you bring things such as your own toiletries and tent so you can have a place to stay when you’re on a beach or mountain. If you’re into mingling with the locals and learning about their culture, then you should try backpacking.

5. Choose homestay.

Homestay in the Philippines
Another way to significantly save on your travels is to stay in a local resident’s house. This is popularly known as the homestay program, which has been helping thousands of students and tourists from all over the world. Homestay is where the owner opens their house for accommodation for a small rental fee. The stay may include serving of meals such as breakfast and engaging the participant in the family’s activities. Sagada, such as the one shown in the photo, is one amazing place to opt for homestay.

6. Travel with friends.

Travel with friends
Travelling alone can be very expensive especially if you plan for a conventional vacation. To hugely cut your expenses on expenses such as accommodation, it is best to travel with friends. You get to save money and you enjoy the trip with the people that matter to you.

7. Avail “suki” or member cards.

Suki sa bus stations Philippines
If you’re going to make traveling as your hobby, then it’s practical to avail “suki” or membership cards to transportation companies such as bus lines. Bus companies usually offer membership cards that provide holders with discounts on tickets. This is particularly true with bus companies who are working in partnership with ferry boat companies to make travel by land far cheaper.

8. Avail cheap tour packages.

Tour Packages
Another way to save on travel is to avail of the many tour packages available today. Usually, a tour package is good for three days and two nights for a specified amount of fee per person. What’s great about this is you can avail this with friends or you can go solo travel and meet other people who have also availed the package.

With these tips, you can surely visit a lot of travel destinations in the country without worrying too much about money.

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By profession, the author is a Financial Consultant and Certified Estate Planner in the Philippines. An award-winning journalist-blogger, Ely is also passionate about spreading financial literacy among Filipinos and is managing a team of around a hundred financial consultants/advisors. A brand ambassador for known brands in the Philippines, Ely writes about travel and lifestyle when not meeting clients to discuss about solidifying their financial portfolios. Follow him on Twitter & Instagram @elysplanet. Check out as well.


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