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The Voice Kids Philippines 2016: Our Top 9 Young Artists to Watch Out For

Ian Joseph Prelligera - The Voice Kids Philippines 2016

IT’S THAT SEASON again when we are so excited to come home and turn on the TV to watch and discover aspiring young music artists. With megastar Sharon Cuneta as the new judge replacing Sarah Geronimo, the Voice Kids Philippines has already started a month ago and we’ve seen a bunch of really talented kids. At such very young ages of seven and below, there are some who have shown near impeccable singing ability.

In no particular order, below is a list of our top nine auditionees (first of two series) we should all watch out for. We’ve also included links so you can watch their blind audition videos for as much as you like. Our next list of possible big winners in our next update.

1. John Paul Gumandoy

The Voice Kids Philippines 2016 - John Paul Gumandoy

His own rendition of the world famous Freddie Aguilar’s “Anak” gave John Paul a three-chair turn. Coach Lea immediately turned around just right after singing the first few words. Coach Bamboo pointed out that he liked the fact that John Paul sang the song in his own way. The boy is only nine years old and comes from the queen city of the South. For us, we liked the way he interpreted the song. Like Lea, we also felt the message of the song. He ended choosing Coach Sharon.

Watch the video here:

2. Ian Joseph Prelligera

Ian Joseph Prelligera - The Voice Kids Philippines 2016

This seven-year old boy who sang the Sugarfree original “Wag Ka Nang Umiyak” has made us emotional and almost in tears. Coach Lea was immediately drawn to his cute but powerful voice. He’s just seven but was able to give justice to such a huge song. We fell in love with his shy personality, very charming look, and engaging ability when performing. He also got three chair turns and also chose Coach Sharon.

Watch the video here:

3. Carmela Lorzano

Carmela LorzanoBelting out “Tomorrow”, Coach Lea immediately turned her chair after hearing Carmela’s first note. She also praise the girl because she has her own style and “tunog”. She also said she has never sang the song as high as Carmela did with such crystal-clear tone. Bamboo tried to win Carmela by also singing her audition song but the seven-year old chose Coach Lea.

Watch the video here:

4. Antonette Tismo

Antonette Tismo

The young delicacy vendor belted out Aegis’ “Sayang Na Sayang” and got a three-chair turn. The coaches liked the clarity of her voice, her ability to hit high notes without shouting, and her ability to incorporate her own style in rendering the song. Though she doesn’t have the charm of the boys, she got her story and mass appeal to back her up and send her through to the next rounds. She chose Coach Sharon.

Watch the video here:

5. Aiken Ramos

Aiken RamosDreaming to become a superstar someday, the super adorable Aiken performed Yeng Constantino’s “Jeepney Love Story”. The coaches liked the boy’s clarity in singing, which is what they are looking for. They also praised the quality of his voice and his ease in singing even if the song is a little bit upbeat. He chose Coach Bamboo.

Watch the video here:

6. Alvin Dahan

Alvin DahanThe young boy from Davao belted out “Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin” and surprised them with his whistle during the latter part of the performance. Coach Bamboo said there are things that needs to be polished but all of the coaches agree that the boy has got a beautiful voice. They also like his ability to control particularly the high notes. Alvin chose Coach Sharon.

Watch video here:

7. Gella Vergara

Gella VergaraThe eight-year old girl gave a clean delivery of “Somewhere”. Coach Lea said that Gella sang it so well without imitating others. She also liked her ability to sustain notes for long. After the coaches did their own gimmicks, Gella chose Coach Sharon.

Watch the video here:

8. Yesha Dela CalzadaYesha Dela Calzada

Even though she’s small and seven years old, the coaches like the quality and power of her voice. Coach Sharon couldn’t believe that such a tiny girl has a powerful instrument. They all promised to help her be good in telling a story when singing, but in the end, Yesha chose Coach Lea. She performed “Saan Darating Ang Umaga”.

Watch the video here:

9. Joshua Oliveros

Joshua OliverosThe only one-chair turner in this list, we also think that Joshua has potential. Coach Bamboo thinks the boy lacks emotion but we think otherwise. We agree with Coach Lea that he has that “kurot” feels when he sang and belted out “Habang May Buhay”. Only Coach Lea turned around so he’s automatically a Team Lea member.

Watch the video here:

We noticed that there are many kids who are really young with ages nine and below, which we think is great because it’s a kids’ show after all. Remember that they are not professionals yet. They are kids who need to be trained to become better in their singing abilities. So, who’s your pick? Do you agree with the list? Or have bets whom you think should also be included? Let us know in the comments.

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