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Travel Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts You Should Know About

Don’t Disrespect the Environment - Travel

YOU MAY NOT be conscious about it but you may have been committing mistakes whenever you travel locally or abroad. You may have had fun every time but the guilt from insulting or causing people other types of damage is not something to you want to bring home with you.

So, to help you fully enjoy your travels without any worry of whether or not you’ve done something wrong, here is a list of dos and don’ts you should keep in mind before stepping out of the house:

1. Wear Appropriate Dress

Travel with Proper Clothes on
You may be tempted to wear denim shorts or other too revealing clothes. Leave them at home or save them for the beach. But while you are still on travel, wear appropriate clothing. Usually, long trousers, proper shoes and tee shirts are okay. Of course you have to choose something you are comfortable with. Wearing appropriate clothes won’t offend people who have conservative views and values in life. This is particularly true when you visit temples and other sacred places.

2. Follow Accommodation Rules

Follow Accommodation Rules - Travel
Your house is where you can be free to do anything you want. The case is different in hotels or other types of accommodations. Because you are just renting a property, you have to follow rules to make sure that you have a hassle- and problem-free stay in your chosen accommodation. Usually, there are posted rules on walls. In case there are none, it would pay to ask the receptionist or any staff that assists you. Though hotels have regular cleaning, make sure that you don’t leave trash on the floor or on the bed. Always practice good manners and right conduct.

3. Behave Properly

Behave Properly
Again, you’re not in your own house where you can be as crazy as you want. When in other places, you are meeting new people who have different cultures, beliefs and traditions. You have to be careful with the words you say and the way you behave. To be safe, behave properly and be nice to people. It is better to do some research about the local people before your travel schedule. In this way, you also won’t get surprised if the local people have practices that is new to you.

4. Don’t Take Photos Insensitively

Don’t Take Photos Insensitively - Travel
The current generation has become so addicted with taking selfies and groupies so they can always share with the world almost everything that happens to them. When on travel, however, you should be very sensitive when taking photos. There are people who feel annoyed when the camera flashes. There are also sacred places where taking photos is has limitations or not allowed. Ask first before you take photos.

5. Don’t Disrespect the Environment

Don’t Disrespect the Environment - Travel
Nature offers countless attraction sites, beautiful mountains, gorgeous beaches, stunning coral reefs, wild animals and plants, and many other things that you don’t usually see in the city. When you are in close contact with them, never touch them or do anything that can harm them. Just enjoy looking at them and take photos so you can have something to look at when you go home. More importantly, never leave wastes materials wherever you go.

6. Hire Local Tour Guides

Hire Local Tour Guides - Travel
It is a good idea to hire a local tour guide if it’s your first time to visit a particular travel destination. For one, it will make you feel safe and at ease with the place while, at the same time, helping the local people earn a living. It can also make your trip more worthwhile because you can integrate with the local tour guide and get to know more about him and their people and culture.

7. Don’t Bargain Too Much

Don’t Bargain Too Much - Travel

When buying souvenir items and pasalubongs, don’t be too aggressive when bargaining with the local store owner. Remember that it is their source of income that feeds their families. Also, it is not every day that tourists flock their place. So, be considerate and just think that you are helping their family when you buy their products.

8. Patronize Local

Patronize Local - Travel Tips
When buying something to bring back home, always choose local products. From hand-made products to preserved food, it’s always nice to buy from the locals. The same is true when choosing hotel accommodations or vehicle for transportation. In this way, you’re truly helping the local people and the community.

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