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‘Imagine You and Me’ Movie: Beyond AlDub’s Magic

Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza and Director Mike Tuviera for the movie 'Imagine You and Me'

EXPECT NO KALYE SERYE formula in ‘Imagine You and Me’ movie featuring charmers Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza of the phenomenal love team ‘AlDub’ in the lead roles but their magic remains, and with a huge promise of a quality film beyond that magic.

That’s at least part of the promise from award-winning director, Michael Tuviera, the mind behind the film that was shot in Italy, and is an offer to the followers of this phenomenal love team that has since been captured heart of millions of Filipinos worldwide. With their charisma, Maine and Alden have earned the trust not only of Pinoys loving the ‘kilig’ they offer but also of the big advertisers in the Philippines.

Tuviera admitted that the movie was created for its commercial viability with followers hoping for the film to earn big in the box office, and to which critics would agree as it seems to have been created with a “good budget” considering the location and the technical quality based on trailers but Tuviera said “box office” is least of his concerns.

“Box office has never been the most important thing for me,” says the young director whose works include Cinemalaya winner “The Janitor” featuring Dennis Trillo.

“I have never accepted any project because may potential s’ya for high box office. If it doesn’t inspire me, then I would do a bad job, I promise you. If I am not inspired by the story. If I am not in love,” Tuviera added.

“That’s why I needed to be in love with the story, and I needed to be in love with these two,” the director continued, pointing to Alden and Maine who were sitting beside him during the bloggers’ conference held at Relish in Quezon City on Sunday, July 10. To which the two, in their response, kidded the director followed by a big laugh from the audience.

“I am really hoping that Aldub Nation (the fans of Alden and Maine) comes out and support the movie because we did it for the fans,” Tuviera added.

“But at the end of the day, my major concern is, if we did a good movie. And I believe we did a good one,” the director firmly said.

Mendoza and Richards said they just want their fans to be happy as they gave everything for the film. Watch the trailer below.

Imagine You and Me,’ which is produced by the APT Entertainment, GMA Films, and M-ZET production will open in Philippine theaters on July 13.

Will it be a box office hit? Will it satisfy the moviegoers? This snippet trailer might say something about it. Expect a non-biased movie review from us on Wednesday, July 13.



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