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A Show of Force: Big Stars, Huge Mob Flock AlDub’s ‘Imagine You & Me’ Premiere Night

IT WAS PROBABLY the biggest premiere night that happened in the local cinema’s history, and you might already have an idea why is that.

It’s a great thing that the Filipino word “kilig” is already a part of the English dictionary. Why? Because how else could you explain this overpowering outburst in our hearts seeing the power love team, AlDub, march their humble feet into leading us to watch the advance screening of their much-awaited movie, “Imagine You & Me”?

“Kilig” is also the only term we could use to simply describe this sure-hit, quality film to test the AlDub’s magic. And lastly, I guess, “Kilig” is the only way Alden and Maine could possibly describe in one encompassing word how they feel seeing a large number of big stars and personalities who cleared up their schedules just to show their love and support to the phenomenal love team.

Alden and Maine joined the fans for tonight’s advance screening of “Imagine You & Me” at SM Megamall.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza - Premiere Night Imagine You and Me

The fans are thrilled to witness not only the glamorous and overjoyed faces of our beloved AlDub, but also other prominent actors from the Kapuso network, the whole Dabarkads, and big names in the entertainment industry, who like us, showed their support for Alden and Maine. And openly admit their own fandom for the love team of the century. Both the Faulkerson and Mendoza family were also there to show their support to RJ and Menggay.

First on the list who showed their love on the Red Carpet Premiere was the King and Queen of Kapuso Primetime, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes. The red carpet also became a witness on what seems to be a parade of stars: Kakai Bautista, Jerald Napoles, Irma Adlawan, who were part of the cast were there. Lola Nidora and Lola Tidora were also there for their Divina Ursula. Aling Maliit Ryzza Mae Dizon was as excited as the fans running her way to the red carpet.

Even award-winning TV and film directors Jun Lana, Louie Ignacio, and Perci Intalan were present. Jasmine Curtis-Smith and her rumored boyfriend were also there. And of course, the AlDub supporters made it look like the SM Megamall was having a 100% super sale, because that’s how huge the mob is.

Aldub Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes at the red carpet premiere of ‘Imagine You and Me’

Ryza Mae Dizon for Aldub's Imagine You and Me Movie

Ryzza Mae Dizon with her mom at the red carpet premiere of Aldub’s ‘Imagine You and Me’ movie

Imagine You and Me premiere Lola Nidora and Lola Tidora of Kalye Serye

Imagine You and Me premiere Lola Nidora and Lola Tidora of Kalye Serye

Imagine You and Me premiere Jasmine Curtis Smith and boyfriend

Imagine You and Me premiere Jasmine Curtis Smith and her rumored boyfriend

Though, it’s never a shock that this kind of support will be given to Alden and Maine’s first starring movie, they both deserve it. Also, that’s how GMA differs from the other networks, they really give their all-out support to all their artists’ breakthroughs and special life events like this one. It’s always like a big family gathering for them. Keeping true to their monicker, Kapuso, GMA never fails to feel their stars that they are loved.

Plus, this movie also marks the first anniversary of AlDub and Maine’s instant, but well-deserved stardom.

If you are in a “kilig” situation at this point in your life right now or if you unfortunately lack that “kilig” feeling, attack to the cinemas starting tomorrow. Because, just imagine how you and me and the rest of the world will be swayed on our seats in utter kilig if we do.

Red Carpet Premiere - Imagine You and Me

Alden and Maine pose for a groupie with co-stars Kakai Bautista, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and Director Michael Tuviera during the premiere of ‘Imagine You and Me’ movie at SM Megamall.

Photos from GMANews.Com, and Sam, Alden’s Manager.

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