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‘Imagine You and Me’ Movie Review

Imagine You and Me Movie Review Poster

‘IMAGINE YOU AND ME’ might have been created especially for the fans of the famed love team ‘AlDub’ of main actors Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza but it offers moviegoers much more.

With the film’s story, beautifully told in frames with the picturesque Italian cities and countryside as the backdrop, and with the characters that transcend beyond Kalye Serye’s famous personas Alden and Yaya Dub, to say ‘Imagine You and Me’ is worth a watch is an understatement.

The film may not eclipse how huge the two actors’ impact in the world of entertainment here and abroad today but it definitely adds up to the value Alden and Maine have right now, and this would be enough reason to solidify their massive following’s love, if that gigantic support they’re showing right now is not yet enough.

The trailer might have failed to entice Aldub’s non-believers to watch the movie but once they’ve watched the film, the least they could do is believe in the charisma and talent of these two, even if not to convert them to becoming a fan.

Director Michael Tuviera, who said during Sunday’ bloggers’ conference the movie was done oozing with love, and ‘with all his heart’ deserves a praise.

‘Imagine You and Me’ may not be a masterpiece but it’s one strong film he has done to pave a way for a brighter movie career for Alden and Maine.

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