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Nacpan Beach in El Nido: What to Do in this Side of World’s Best Island

Nacpan Beach El Nido Palawan Photo via @abdulzln Flickr.

PALAWAN IS ONCE again touted as the Best Island in the world as per Travel + Leisure Magazine’s World’s Best Survey for 2015, enough reason for you and your friends to visit the island province now.

The province is back on top of the list after it got the number one spot in 2013. Joining the province is Boracay at number 2 spot while Cebu got the number 6 spot, beating other countries’ gorgeous island beaches.

The magazine, on its publication wrote: “Palawan is every beach lover’s dream destination,” said one voter, who regarded it as a “wonderful and magical place.”

Palawan has been a dream destination for many people all over the world, and has received admirations for several reasons. In fact, one of it’s island towns, Linapacan was also listed as having the world’s cleanest water to swim in.

If you’re to go to this island province, the top destinations of choice would be Puerto Princesa, Coron, and El Nido. Each beach scattered all over the province has unique characteristics to satisfy the beach lovers in all of us. For this post however, let us all bring you to El Nido’s Nacpan Island, which for us, is enough reason for the province to be called ‘Best Island’ in the world.

Nacpan and Calintan Beach in El Nido

The twin beaches of Nacpan and Calitang: Undeniably one of the best views in El Nido and the whole of Palawan. Photo via Our featured photo showcases the twin beaches as well courtesy of @abdulzln on Flickr.

Beach bumming alone is more than enough to enjoy your stay in Nacpan. But if you’re looking for other things to do, this list should come in handy:

1. Master landscape photography.

With a few families living in the area, consider Nacpan as a virgin beach island, free from hotels and commercial establishments found in other known beaches. This limits the things you can do here but for those who would love their private moments, this is the place for you. We already have too many of those beaches that are overcrowded with hotels, bars and restaurants, and you will thank yourself for choosing Nacpan. It’s time for you to test your photography skills, and take photos and master the art of landscape photography here. Below are the scenic views you can also capture once you arrive in Nacpan.

A stunning view from the lookout at Nacpan Beach.

A stunning view from the lookout at Nacpan Beach.

View from the hill top.

View from the hill top.

Long line of coconut trees along Nacpan shore.

Long line of coconut trees along Nacpan shore.

Refreshing view of the grassy hill kissing the turquoise waters.

Refreshing view of the grassy hill kissing the turquoise waters.

Old coconut trees that remain standing tall and proud.

Old coconut trees that remain standing tall and proud.

2. Sail the cool blue waters.

After taking photos, you may want to indulge yourself in the cool blue waters of Nacpan beach. Being in the middle of an endless carpet of blue and green is a great time to reflect and be one with nature.

Nacpan El Nido - Sail the cool blue waters
Nacpan Beach El Nido Palawan
Boats in Nacpan are used for transportation and for fishing. If you want to take a mini-tour of Nacpan and Calitang island beaches, just hire one of the boats the local people own. Usually, they will charge for gasoline and the hours you are planning to use their boat. For a relatively small price, you can be wild and free-sailing the Nacpan beach. How’s that as part of your adventure?

3. Go camping.

Camping at Nacpan Beach in El Nido, Palawan
If you’re up for a few days of solitude, you may want to consider camping alone, or with your partner, friends or relatives. You’ll surely love the view at night time as well. You should know that Palawan is also a great place to take photos of our very own galaxy, and of the stars metro people seldom appreciate.

4. Surf all you want.

Surfing in Nacpan Beach, El Nido
Surfing in Nacpan Beach, El Nido, Palawan
Whether you’re a professional surfer or an enthusiast, you’ll definitely love Nacpan for its continuous flow of big waves. The best time to surf in the island is from October to January.

Tip: When you visit El Nido, Palawan, make sure to drop by Nacpan and discover its beauty. From El Nido, you can drive your own motorbike or rent one at the town proper. It will cost you around P700.00 for a whole day rent. Tricycles are also for rent for P1,500.00. Usually, it takes one hour to reach Nacpan Beach.

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