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Mister World 2016: Top 10 Hunks to root for

Mister World 2016 South Africa Armand-du-Plessis1

TONIGHT, ONE LUCKY HUNK will be hailed Mister World 2016 as the 9th edition of the London-based male pageant comes to a close with the final competition set to take place in its own backyard, Southport Theatre Convention in Devon, England.

Before the judges get to pick the ultimate Mister World 2016 winner, we are joining the world as they pick the ultimate winner: that lucky man who captured our hearts since we set our eyes on him.

Oh! We are just taking our chances here, as we have always done in the past. Nothing serious darlings, but these hunks listed in our Top Picks are a result of our serious deliberation among ourselves. But before anything else, can we offer you some photos of one of our favorites this year but suddenly withdrew from the competition? Yes, our heart bleed when we learned that Venezuela’s Renato Barabino wouldn’t be competing in this year’s Mister World. He is the kind of beauty we love to see in the international arena, and you wouldn’t blame us for that. Here’s why:

Mister World 2016 Venezuela Renato Barabino

That V-shaped body full of muscles? Who wouldn’t want a cuddle?

Mister World 2016 Venezuela - Renato

How about a dip with him? Would you mind experiencing the economic turmoil in Venezuela just to be in his arms for the rest your lives? For worse or for worst? Answer me!

Do you agree with us?

Back to the competing guys, who do you think are the best candidates to win the title from among the 46 finest hunks competing for this year’s edition of Mister World? If you haven’t chosen yours yet, consider this list your own too, or you may say your piece in the comments.

All these gorgeous hunks seemed to have descended from heavens, but we could only get a handful names for this post.

Needless to say, top contenders are India’s Rohit Khandelwal, South Africa’s Armand Du Plessis, and Ireland’s Darren King.

1. Mister India Rohit Khandelwal

Yes, people. You read it right. It is Mister India’s star that’s shining the brightest for this year’s competition if you would ask us. We would give him the title right away if we are to based it on these photos alone. Rohit has easily penetrated our membranes in a second, and he seems not leaving us sane.

Mister World 2016 India's Rohit Khandelwal in a sexy photo

Do you know what’s painful, Rohit? It is us rooting for you as much as we root for our country’s bet. So please stop that pose, okay?

Mister World 2016 India's Rohit Khandelwal photo shows some abs

What abs? You only have one spot for this blog but look what you just did. This is your second photo here, Mister India!

2. Mister Ireland, Darren King.

Oh. We almost forgot to move on. But Ireland’s bet is tough. That jaw is to die for. And the beautiful face? How about the abs? The perfectly-toned muscles? The height? Shall we continue? Darren King of Ireland has it all, add to his name the ‘Mister World 2016’ title and he’s the man to put on the pedestal.

Mister World 2016 Ireland - Darren King 2

When jaw is enough. Ireland’s bet for Mister World 2016, Darren King.

Mister World 2016 Ireland - Darren King 3

If this abs is of a King, what now, Darren?

3. Mister South Africa, Armand Du Plessis

His aura exudes kingly command, and charisma a title holder should possess. He is sweet yet manly, that is why we are having a hard time choosing between him, Ireland, and India. He is that man you would love to see making it till the end.

Mister World 2016 South Africa Armand-du-Plessis1

This aura? Very Mister World. Shall we give the title to Armand du Plessis of South Africa?

Mister World 2016 South Africa Armand du Plessis

When getting wet is not that hunky yet still sexy. Only Armand can pull it off!

Then there’s Brazil’s Lucas Montandon, Mexico’s Aldo Esparza, and Austria’s Fabian Kitzweger.

4. Mister Brazil, Lucas Montandon

This photo of Mister World Brazil 2016 Lucas Montandon is too daring, we think, but who would choose a non-daring one? His manly beauty is perfect for Mister World, and we wouldn’t mind him winning the title. If he’s the one to invite you to come to this year’s Rio Olympics, we believe you’d pack your things without his second invitation.

Mister World 2016 Brazil - Lucas Montandon

What is too daring if it’s Lucas?

5. Mister Mexico, Aldo Esparza

Below is actually an old photo of Aldo Esparza. His recent photo showcases a different hairstyle but he is still as sexy, but we chose to feast our eyes on this one. Who couldn’t resist? Definitely, Aldo is the man from Mexico we should focus our eyes on. This time, the fight is not just about boxing.

Mister World 2016 - Mexico Aldo Esparza

When freshness abounds. Call it Aldo!

6. Mister Austria, Fabian Kitzweger

Austria’s Fabian Kitzweger is such a sweet face to see, and a hunk to fall in love with. You wouldn’t mind having him in suit, would you? He is our 6th guy in this list, and who would have replaced him?

Mister World 2016 Austria - Fabian Kitzweger

The sweet, regal Mister Austria, Fabian Kitzweger.

Who could deny being mesmerized by the angelic faces of Malta’s Timmy Puschkin and Spain’s Angel Martinez Elul?

7. Mister Malta, Timmy Puschkin

Mister World 2016 Malta - Timmy Puschkin

If this body isn’t perfect yet, what is? Mister World Malta 2016, Timmy Puschkin is such one hunk that would easily captivates his prey. No questions asked.

8. Mister Spain Angel Martinez Elul

Mister World 2016 Spain - Angel Martinez Elul

Would you love to share a bed with him? This is Mister World Spain 2016, ladies and ladies at heart. I am sure, he could be your angel even for today. Look at that handsome face of Angel Martinez Elul. Who wouldn’t vote for him? Oh! Forget about Duterte!

9. Mister Poland, Rafał Jonkisz

Mister Poland Rafał Jonkisz hunk

If you’re to ask us, that tattoo is enough, Rafał.

We actually saw Mister Poland in person. He visited the Philippines last year when he competed in Mister International 2015 held at Resorts World Manila. He was a year younger back then but he is as handsome. Upon seeing him competing again this year, we could only wish him a better placement. His unique beauty deserves a spotlight.

10. Mister Philippines, Sam Ajdani

This list is not complete without the Philippines’ bet of course: Sam Ajdani. See for yourself what he could offer before telling us we’re biased.

Mister World 2016 Philippines - Sam Ajdani

Philippines’ bet, Sam Ajdani is in perfect shape to bring home the first title for the Philippines.

Because of familiarity however, we couldn’t add any adjective here to describe our Sam but we offer a wish for him to do well in representing the Philippines. All the best, Sam!

EDIT: Forgive us, universe for not including this gorgeous man in our list earlier. We made a terrible mistake! May the world forgive us for that. We have to make amends and include the hunk we loved since he set foot in the Philippines last year:

11. Mister Puerto Rico, Fernando Alvarez

Our dear Fernando was one of our favorite when he vied for the other male pageant, Mister International 2015 held in the Philippines. Yes, he also competed against Poland’s Rafal back then. Fernando managed to land in the Top 10 in the said competition won by Pedro Mendez of Switzerland. Fernando is that guy you would love to see unceasingly from the moment you set your eyes on him, and you already know why. Will Fernando make it this time? Keeping our fingers crossed.

Mister World 2016 Puerto Rico - Fernando Alvarez

To make amends, we offer you this gorgeous photo of our Mister World 2016 contestant from Puerto Rico, Fernando Alvarez. Are we okay now, friends?

Fernando Alvarez of Puerto in Swimwear

This aura wasn’t enough for Fernando to be crowned Mister International. Will the more refined version of him make him the next Mister World?

Yes, this is not Top 10, after all.

They are the top contestants we see fit to become Mister World 2016 winner, and may the accompanying photos be enough to say that we made an outstanding choices. If we are to trim down our choices, it is gonna be either South Africa, India or Brazil. But we’re hoping for Sam. How about you, who would be your top choices? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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