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Philippines’ Sam Ajdani’s chances at Mister World 2016

PHILIPPINES’ BET to the Mister World 2016 pageant in Southport, Devon, England, Sam Ajdani is facing a tough fight as he vies to win the first Mister World title for the Philippines.

That’s a fact that we find very hard to brush off as we see this year’s 46 contestants, from which we selected the 10 best hunks earlier today.

Though a lot of pageant websites are betting on Sam, we can only acknowledge the fact that he is against the world’s most handsome, and fittest men to ever grace the London-based competition, which is now on its 9th edition.

Sam Ajdani competes for Miss World 2016

Sam Ajdani competes for Miss World 2016

Based on our personal taste, we could say that he is particularly up against South Africa’s Armand Du Plessis and India’s Rohit Khandelwal. Then there’s also Darren King of Ireland, and Lucas Montandon of Brazil, among several other gorgeous men from different parts of the world.

It is however very important to note that unlike any other male pageants, choosing the Mister World winner is never based on looks and charisma alone, but on their physical strength, and the beauty of the heart as well.

Prior to tonight’s final competition, the contestants already competed in a lot of fast track events wherein winners for several categories are selected. These include Mr. World Talent, Multimedia Award, Mr. World Extreme Sports, and Mr. World Sports. Those who scored the highest in each preliminary competition have a good chance in becoming finalists, a step closer to winning the title.

Should the odd be ever in his favor, Sam might just bring home the first Mister World title for the Philippines that will strengthen the country’s ground in the world of pageantry.

Flag bearers

It can be recalled that three years ago, the country made a name in the female counterpart of Mister World when Megan Young was crowned Miss World 2013. Young has then become a favorite figure in the organization. In fact, she is hosting tonight’s event.

The highest spot the Philippines’ achieved in Mister World however was in 2012 when model-actor Andrew Wolff won first runner-up to Colombia’s Franciso Escobar.

In 2014, model John Spainhour was sent to the competition but only managed to win in the sports challenge wherein the reigning Mister World, Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark won the title. It was in 2014, a week prior to the competition when both Spainhour and Ajdani were handpicked by Cory Quirino, owner of the Mister and Miss World franchises in the country, to compete in Mister World wearing the Philippines’ sash.

The lack of preparation hindered Spainhour from winning the title though he managed to snatch a sports competition award given his background at the military. Things are different with Sam however as he has almost two years of preparation. Will the Filipino-Iranian hunk win the Mister World 2016 title? What do you think, folks?

Sam Ajdani beautiful body

Sam Ajdani showcases his beautiful body in this photo.



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  2. Correction: John Spainhour failed to enter the semifinals. Nubayan pageant blogger! Chos 🙂


  3. jan says

    I wish Sam good luck. May he be the first Asian and Filipino to win the Mister World title. May God bless and guide him. Amen.


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