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Mister World 2016 winner is India’s Rohit Khandelwal

Mister World 2016 is India

AS PREDICTED, INDIAN HUNK Rohit Khandelwal is Mister World 2016 winner.

The 26-year old Indian model, actor, and television personality won several major awards, and bested 45 other contestants from around the world to become the first Asian to win the London-based male pageant. Rohit is one of the Top 10 hunks we picked to win the title in our post earlier today.

Mister World 2016 India - Rohit Khandelwal

With that beautiful face, Rohit Khandelwal represented India in Mister World 2016, and eventually win the title.

“It is Mister India’s star that’s shining the brightest for this year’s competition if you would ask us. We would give him the title right away if we are to based it on these photos alone. Rohit has easily penetrated our membranes in a second, and he seems not leaving us sane,” this blogger writes in our blog post. True enough, he did outshine his competitors.

Mister World 2014 Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark passed on the title to the gorgeous Indian model-actor turned pageant winner who also won the Multimedia award.

India is Mister World 2016 Winner

Last edition’s winner, Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark gave Mister India a hug, congratulating him for the big win in this year’s edition of Mister World. Misters Puerto Rico and Mexico, who placed runners-up are having an eye-to-eye contact here. Kidding!

Mister World 2016 Final Results Photo

Mister India says a little prayer as he was called Mister World 2016 winner by host Megan Young (Miss World 2013) from the Philippines.

Other winners are Puerto Rico’s Fernando Alvarez who placed second, and Mexico’s Aldo Esparza at the third place. These hunks are part of our Top 10 picks as well.

Mister World 2016 Puerto Rico - Fernando Alvarez

Mister World Puerto Rico 2016 Fernando Alvarez is first runner-up.

Mister World 2016 - Mexico Aldo Esparza

Mister World Mexico 2016 Aldo Esparza is second runner-up.

England‘s Chris Bramell and Kenya‘s Kevin Owiti also managed a spot in the Top 5. Completing the Top 10 finalists are representatives from Poland (Rafał Jonkisz), Scotland (Tristan Harper), China (Chang Zhousheng), El Salvador (David Arias), and Brazil (Lucas Montandon).

Aside from his Top 10 finish, Rafał Jonkisz of Poland also won Best in Talent while Mister China won the Style and Fashion award.

Philippines’ representative to the pageant, Sam Ajdani failed to land a spot in the finals but he was part of the winning team of the Extreme Sports Challenge of the competition.

See for yourself how deserving is Mister India now Mister World 2016, Rohit Khandelwal. You are welcome!

Mister World 2016 India - Rohit Khandelwal 4

Is there any other gorgeous way to do a shower?

Mister World 2016 India - Rohit Khandelwal photo

When a beautiful face is not enough, give the world a perfect body. Oh India!

Mister World 2016 India - Rohit Khandelwal 3

When to wear or not to wear a sando. Well, Mister World 2016 Rohit Khandelwal seems to know it all. More?

Photos from Mister World.


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