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Smart Roaming Activation Made Easier – It’s 2016, Darling!

Traveling Abroad - Smart Roaming Activation

WONDERING ON HOW to register our newly-issued SMART Postpaid line earlier today gave me a real panic as it’s only a few hours before we fly out of the country for a business slash leisure trip.

Google search failed to give me a helpful answer so I was left with no help but to try searching things as desperately as I could. All the instructions that came out of the search results page are from ages ago, when activating a roaming number for either call and text or for surfing was as complicated as hell. Do you still remember?

Na-stress ako, friend. Totoo.

Since I am not a ‘call person,’ calling a hotline number isn’t my thing. I easily lose patience when I am being put on hold. It caused me a lot of brain cells, and minutes checking out the SMART website before I learned that there’s no need to do anything to enjoy surfing, and even calling and texting while abroad.

Everyone could actually enjoy roaming without fearing ‘bill shock’ with Smart’s all-day surf when outside the Philippines. That’s for only P550 as the network has partner telecom companies abroad.

Yes, all we need to do is turn on the ‘Date Roaming’ on our phone, and that’s it!

How to activate SMART Data Roaming this 2016

This is how to activate your Smart postpaid’s data roaming this 2016.

In fairness, P550 a day is pretty much a good deal especially if you’re that someone who can’t live without internet. I could still remember renting out a pocket WiFi when in Singapore last year for around P800 a day. Too expensive, right? But it was okay back then as to be lost in a country like SG or to miss a very important meeting due only because of having not connected to internet was a much bigger loss.

But in order for me to clear things out, I had no choice but to call Smart’s customer service hotline to confirm this, and it’s true. I was told that it may not be the same for everyone but my number’s roaming is pre-activated, and this has been the case for many. Saang kuweba ba ako nagsususuot kasi?

So gone are the days when we need to worry about not activating our roaming numbers when we leave PH. Gone are the days that we needed to suffer heart attack upon seeing our bills ballooned without explanation when we get home. Do you still remember that hullaballoo with Globe the past years? Yes, when one complaint on social media gone viral as his bill gone way too unbelievably high? Kaya mabuti na ‘yung sigurado.

By the way, I also found this one very helpful video so I am sharing it here with you.

For more info, visit this page or this one when you’re a Filipino traveling the world. Big help.

Keeping this short, darlings. Here’s hoping for Google to index this post to help others as their search results page contains outdated information. Gotta go now. Carpe Diem!

SMART Roaming Abroad


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