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6 More Young Artists to Watch Out For at The Voice Kids Philippines 2016


THE BATTLE ROUNDS of the third season of The Voice Kids Philippines has started last week. But before the next weekend’s set of battles, we’d like to add more to the list of young aspiring music artists who we think have a shot at the competition.

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Check out whether or not it has the artists you are rooting for.

1. Jhie Anne Ginoo

Jhie Anne Ginoo - The Voice Kids Philippines 2016

The young girl gave a heartfelt performance of “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw”. We agree with the judges’ comments that she delivered the song without sounding like Regine. She sang the song beautifully in her own sound and style. We also praise her ability to be dynamic in terms of singing the lyrics. Like coach Sharon said, she knows where to sing softly and where to sing with the full volume of her voice. Based on her performance, we also think that she’s an intelligent singer because she knows how to start and end a song. She chose Sharon.

Watch the video here:

2. John Joseph Miraflores

John Joseph Miraflores

The 10-year old boy also gave a heartfelt performance in his own rendition of “Tuwing Umuulan At Kapiling Ka”. Aside from the fact that he’s good looking, he’s also got good taste in music and is capable of delivering a tasteful performance. He’s among those young artists that don’t have to belt hard just to prove their good singers. He chose team Lea.

Watch the video here:

3. John Emmanuel Lozada

John Emmanuel Lozada

John Emmanuel gave a beautiful rendition of “Oras Na”, which made all three judges to turn around. His voice tone is so beautiful that it’s candy to the ear. Like coach Lea said his voice is colorful and cool to the ears. Coach Sharon praised his ability to pull off shiftings – from his normal voice to falsetto – beautifully. In the end, he chose Coach Sharon.

Watch the video here:

4. Al Vincent Casela

Al Vincent Casela

Nicknamed Enteng, Al Vincent also gave a beautiful performance of Bruno Mars’ “It Will Rain”. We agree with the judges that the boy has got clear voice and nice tone. He can sing good and he’s good-looking, which makes him even more charming. He chose Coach Lea.

Watch the video here:

5. Aradel Bascruz

Aradel Bascruz

Aradel Bascruz

Though she wasn’t able to get a three-chair turn, we still think that with better coaching, she can reach far in the competition. We agree with Coach Bamboo in saying that Ara got a pristine voice. We like that she is able to hit and sustain high notes without difficulty. She chose Coach Sharon.

Watch the video here:

6. Thaddeus Salazar

Thaddeus Salazar

The boy has got a unique voice. What we like is how he can carry us right where the emotional lyrics of “Jar Of Hearts” want us to be. We agree with Coach Bamboo when he said that Thaddeus is good in navigating from low notes to higher notes without compromising the delivery of emotions. Though only Coach Bamboo turned around, the boy has got great instrument and with several coaching techniques, he can go far.

If you notice, these artists are not really the belter ones but they have such good qualities and clarity in their voices. In addition, they can give you the feels just right after singing a few notes. Let’s watch out for them and hope they all go far in chasing their dreams.

Photos from entertainment.abs-cbn.com, watsupasia.com, and zeibiz.com.


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