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Bulalacao: A Hidden and Unexplored Paradise in Mindoro

Bulalacao Oriental Mindoro

MANY OF US ARE SO consumed by thoughts of going to more popular beaches that we forget to notice the equally-beautiful ones, surrounding us.

There’s nothing wrong to head on to the Philippines’ world-renowned beaches for they’re not popular for nothing. After checking them out however, have time to check out on the others too. This Southeast Asian country has more than 1,700 islands, and how pathetic you would be to visit just a few. Yeah. We mean it.

In this post, we are bringing you to some of Mindoro’s unexplored beaches, all situated in the southernmost tip of Oriental Mindoro — Bulalacao. Composed of several scenic islands: Alibatan or Target, Aslom, Buyayao, Liawagao, Maasin, Pocanil, Sibalat, Suguicay, and Tambaron, Bulalacao is the place to be when one day you find your souls so weary, and needed a break.

The toxicity of living in the city — the blinding lights, too much noise, pollution, heavy traffic, and everything artificial — sometimes gets through our bones, thus a scape is necessary.


Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro

Bulalacao islands’ remoteness offers a peaceful environment for you to hibernate, recharge, and regenerate cells to continue living for the next decades maybe. If you’re feeling it now, it’s high time for you to plan out your next getaway, and let Bulalacao be your next destination.

In the island, you can simply set your camping tent or stay in one of the secluded bahay kubo (nipa hut), and just enjoy every passing hour breathing that provincial crisp air or watching the waning sun as the day comes to an end. It’s these simplicities of life that we have to reward ourselves to remind us that we are humans and not just money-making machines.

Basking under the sun on the shoreline with yellowish corals and sand is another way to relish the island’s tranquility. Whether you’re alone, with a special someone, or with friends, you can definitely get yourself loose and relaxed. If you’re up for only 2 to 3 days of stay in Bulalacao, you may prioritize visiting these islands:

Aslom Island

Sandbar in Asilom Island, Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro

Sandbar in Asilom Island, Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro

A Cebuano word, ‘aslom’ means ‘sour’. The island was named such because of the abundance of tamarind or sampaloc trees. The island has a crescent-shaped sandbar, crystal clear waters, and warm blue skies during sunny days.

Suguicay Island

Suguicay Island

Arriving at Suguicay Island.

Bulalacao has beaches with different types of sand. In Suguicay, the shoreline is endowed with fine beige sands while bamboos, coconut and mangrove trees by the shores give visitors a view that makes a soul feel nostalgic. Why does this scene brings a certain magic that heals the wounded souls? As the trees slowly sway with the wind, they exude calmness that penetrates the inner being in us.

Silad Island

Silad Island, Bulalacao, Mindoro

This part of Silad Island is not only perfect for snorkeling but it could also serve as a nice background for your photoshoot.

The island has more of corals-filled and yellowish sands, which complements its bone-like shape. There are also rock formations and hills that offer breathtaking views. However, the island is privately owned, so you have to ask permission if you want to visit and stay.

The merging of blue and green seawater and the coconut trees dotting the hill in the background make it a view not only very pleasing to the eyes, but also provides a soothing experience of the island life.

Tambaron Island

Tambaron Island Oriental Mindoro

Hills endowed with rocky terrain, and majestic coconut trees, Tambaron Island is a must-not miss island as well. Rich in marine life, Tambaron is perfect for snorkeling or scuba diving. To indulge in fresh seafoods when in here is a default.

Target Island

Target Island, Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro

Approaching Target Island, one of the 12 best islands found in Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro.

Target Island, Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro

Boulder rocks are also found in Target Island.

Alibatan Island is also called Target Island for it was once a target of the Japanese colonizers during World War II. But the thing of the past has made it an island to visit as if there were survivors during that time, it would be this island as it survived non-stop bombings to become one of the peaceful beach islands in Bulalacao.

What to do in Bulalacao?

Island life is more than just lying on the beach, waiting to get tanned. Activities you can do while in Bulalacao include but not limited to: camping, caving, celebrating Biniray Festival, Interacting with the Hanunuos (one of the seven Mangyan tribes), hiking, trekking waterfalls, beach bumming, island hopping, snorkeling, scuba diving, and water sports.

Windsurfing in Bulalacao Mindoro

Windsurfing in Bulalacao Mindoro:

How to get there?

From Manila, you can reach Bulalacao by plane. The nearest airport is at San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. After around 45 minutes of flight, take a Jeepney for another 45 to 60 minutes to finally reach Bulalacao.

If your schedule isn’t that tight, you may wanna travel by land and sea but it would take you around eight hours to reach Bulalacao. From Manila, ride a bus to Batangas Port, which is a take off point to Calapan City through a ferry. From Calapan, ride a van bound to Bulalacao.

Where to stay?

Oriental Mindoro

This boat brings tourists around the islands of Bulalacao in the southernmost tip of Oriental Mindoro.

Bulalacao remains unexploited by big businesses, which means there are no luxurious or expensive hotels in this side of the country yet. But there are lodging houses, beach resorts and budgets inns from which you can choose your accommodation. Some of these are: San Rosa Inn, Saints Peter and Paul lodging, Felipa Lodge, Bulalacao Southdrive Grill and Homestay, Tambaron Green Island Resort, Thelma’s Paradise, and Southdrive Beach Resort.

Minimum budget for an overnight stay in Bulalacao is at around P3,000, if by land travel. Food and lodging included.

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