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Is Jay-R Siaboc Back? Watch Ex-PDA runner-up sings ‘Himala’ with Yeng Constantino on ASAP

Jay-R Siaboc and Yeng Constantino

After HAVING BEEN dragged on to the ‘drug pusher’ allegation and controversy at the heights of the new administration’s anti-drug campaign, Jay-R Siaboc seems to be having a showbiz comeback.

The former Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) runner-up was seen explaining his side on national television’s magazine programs the past weeks wherein he also spoke of his intention to come back in the industry. Jay-R admitted his showbiz career was starting to kick off when it was destroyed by drugs. He said that led him committing various “wrong decisions” in life.

Today, he was seen on the ABS-CBN Sunday Variety show, ASAP with PDA grand winner, Yeng Constantino. The two sang, “Himala” an apt song for his possible comeback in showbiz.

Siaboc popularized a lot of songs after being declared the second placer at PDA. These include ‘Hiling,’ ‘May Tama Ako,’ and ‘Hilot.’

Watch Jay-R and Yeng’s version of Himala on ASAP:


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