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20+ Visa-Free Countries Filipinos Should Visit Now

VISA PROCESSING can be very tiresome. Most of the time, it hinders Filipinos from exploring the world out there. So why worry about a visa if you could travel some of the world’s best destinations without one?

Yeah, using only your Philippine passport, there is a long list of countries that you could visit, visa-free.

With our personal biases considered, we listed down the top 20 countries worthy of your visit as soon as possible as they’re still favorable to us, using only the power of your passport.

1. Brazil


Take a deep breath. Forget about the negative news about this country. Inhale some courage, and exhale all the negativity. The host of the 2016 Olympics, Brazil has so much to offer in terms of scenic views such as the one in the photo above that showcase the ethereal beauty of Rio de Janeiro. The country is also popular for its vibrant culture, which will surely make your stay truly memorable. Brazil is visa-free for 90 days. So pack your things now, and pocket with you the wise advice of other travelers. Okay?

2. Bolivia


Haven’t you seen any of your Filipino friends travel in here yet? Perfect! Time to flood their newsfeed with photos of Bolivia when you get there. The colorful architectural landscape in contrast with the background of rocky mountains alone is enough reason for you to include Bolivia on your bucket list. You could explore the country for 60 days without a visa.

3. Brunei


Just a few hours away from Manila, Brunei is such a rich country worthy of your visit. It is home to numerous beautiful and historical mosques. Immerse in its beauty and rich culture. More than that, you may unleash the entrepreneur in you as it is also a great country to buy high-quality products, which you can sell to your friends at a markup when you return. It is visa-free for Filipinos for 14 days.

4. Cambodia


Angkor Wat is an iconic landmark in Cambodia (and the whole Asia) that attracts tourists from around the world all year round. More than that, its rich history and stunning architectural design are a must-see. Food and accommodation here are cheap so you could maximize your stay in the country for 21 days without a visa.

5. Colombia


Forget about the most recent Miss Universe Hullabaloo. The Caño Cristales is one of the unbelievable attraction sites around the world that you will find in this country. It is Colombia’s famous river that looks red because of Macarenia clavigera growth. The country is visa-free for 90 days.

6. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

If you want to go to a magical place, forget Disneyland for a while. Instead, explore Costa Rica, which has gardens that look really magical. You’ll surely get awed with the nearly out-of-this-word topiaries. The country is visa-free for 30 days.

7. Cook Islands

Cook Islands

The Philippines is surrounded by beautiful beaches, yes. But isn’t it beautiful to see the other beaches in the world? Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Cook Islands is an island country home to serene beaches. The wide span of emerald green oceans is so perfect for that much-needed laidback vacation. You can enjoy beach bumming quietly in this country for 31 days without a visa. Be sure to check in whenever you’re posting on Facebook and Instagram so we know where you are, okay?

8. Djibouti


Where’s that? If you asked the question even before figuring out how to pronounce it right, you should be booking your tickets by now. Djibouti (pronounced ji-boo-tee) is a country located in the Horn of Africa bordering Ethiopia and Somalia. Feel the authentic camel ride in the desert, and let it be one of your most unforgettable travel experiences. Djibouti can offer just that. The country is visa-free for 30 days.

9. Dominica


Dominica is known for its world-class dive sites. The vibrant colors of corals and marine life await visitors from other countries. For 21 days without a visa, you can explore the top dive sites in the country.

10. Ecuador


The lovely marine iguana thrives in the diverse wildlife of Ecuador islands such as the Galapagos and Espanola. You have 90 days visa-free to explore these islands and discover more nice-rather-weird-looking animals.

11. Fiji


Also home to gorgeous islands, Fiji has other things to offer such as the intricately designed buildings as shown in this photo. Without a visa, you have 120 days to explore the culturally rich country.

12. Haiti


The breathtaking view of Haiti lagoon shown in the picture above is more than enough reason for you to visit the country. Luckily, you are allowed to tour the country for 90 days without a visa.

13. Hong Kong


Yes, folks. We are getting closer to home. Just a few miles away is a favorite destination for shopaholic Filipinos and for those who love being a kid from time to time. But if you’re that young one who haven’t been to any Disneyland, Hong Kong is your chance because it does not require a visa for 14 days.

14. Indonesia


You are into island experience, yes? Want to experience the paradise that is Bali? You have 30 days to tour Indonesia and its heavenly paradise islands without a visa.

15. Israel


Home to impressive architectural designs such as the mosques, Israel is also a great place to have a stunning view of the moon and the stars. The country is also visa-free but the number of days depends on Immigration. Check on conflict warnings as well as this country gets too chaotic most of the time.

16. Laos


For 30 days without a visa, you can tour Laos and discover its spectacular natural and man-made landscapes. The Golden Wat That Luang shown in this photo proves how rich the country is, culturally speaking.

17. Macau


If you want to have a taste of Las Vegas, you don’t have to go far. For 30 days without a visa, you can explore Macau and enjoy its bright lights at night and the many types of casino games. Most of the people we know fly to Macau after Hong Kong. So there, you have now an idea.

18. Madagascar


Had enough of seeing baobab trees in movies? You can choose to see them in person. Madagascar allows tourist to roam around without a visa for 90 days.

19. Malaysia


This neighbor of ours is a place to go for some great reasons. Whether you want to see the Petronas Twin Towers or explore Malaysia’s beautiful island beaches, you won’t have any problem. The country is visa-free for Filipinos for 30 days.

20. Peru


Longing to discover Machu Picchu and the other attraction sites in Peru? Two months or 60 days without a visa might be enough for you to do so.

This list is long and is enough to keep you traveling for the rest of the year and until 2017. But if you want to have other options, the other countries that are also visa-free are Maldives (our dream destination!), Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Niue, Palau, St. Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Togo, Turks and Caicos Islands, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Vietnam, and Zambia. Go take a pick now!

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