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Discover Hidden Treasures in Abra

Abra - Hidden Treasures

ABRA IS BEST ASSOCIATED with Abra river, the biggest, longest and most popular river among the numerous rivers crisscrossing the valleys of this Northern Philippines’ province, and it is where all rivers and streams here converge.

Unknown to many, Abra is also rich in treasures. So don’t be surprised if your timeline gets flooded with paradise-like waterfalls that have been kept secret from the world outside for long, in the next few days — the hidden treasures of Abra have finally been found! Thanks to the netizens and photographers who don’t keep the beauty of previously-unknown Philippines’ destinations to themselves. Or at least those places we care less about before.

If you are the type of person who loves beautiful, serene bodies of waters despite long travels, Abra is the place for you. Worry not, the then secret but now becoming famous falls found in the province — Barusibis Falls and Mulawin Falls are ready to greet you with their freshest waters, picture-perfect beauties, and nurse you in their embrace.

Barusibis Waterfalls

Barusibis Waterfalls in Abra

Now no longer hidden, the Barusibis Waterfalls in Lagayan town is a gem found. But she’s not an easy lady if you care. From the town proper, you have to trek for about an hour before you can reach and enjoy the magnificent sight of its unspoiled beauty.

Barusibis Waterfalls in the province of Abra

Even the province’s tourism website won’t give you any meaty details about this body of waters so it’s up to us for it to find, enjoy, and share with the rest of the world. If you don’t find its mossy green freshwater truly inviting, you are sick. Though you are as sick if we won’t book a trip to Abra now. We won’t be surprised if a day from now our fashion-obsessed friends are the first ones to be there to have a photo shoot as the lush green vegetation, and the golden brown rocks found there are a perfect, natural background.

Mulawin Waterfalls

In another town of Tineg, you will find the cascading waterfalls of Mulawin. ‘Magical’ is not enough to describe this place as it is one of those we only find in the books of fairytales.

Mulawin Waterfalls found in Abra, Philippines

Mulawin Waterfalls in Abra, Philippines
The crystal clear water cascades smoothly from the top of terrace-like formation of the earth. The absence of non-biodegradable water materials makes it really safe to swamp in one of the several beds of water.

Mulawin Waterfalls is located at Sitio Kaparkan. Like Barusibis Waterfalls, you have to trek to reach the place. For sure, the trek itself is also going to be an unforgettable adventure as you get to have a chance to commune with nature while enjoying the view of the forest.

How to get there?

Abra province highway and motorcycle, the Philippines

From Manila, travel time to Abra Province via land transportation is around eight hours. The bus lines that service the province are Partas Bus Lines, Dominion Bus Lines, Philippine Rabbit, Sambrano Bus Lines, Viron Bus Lines, BBL Transit, and Esonice Bus Lines. These buses stop at Bangued bus terminal. From there, you have to take the motorcycle to go to nearby towns and attraction sites. The jeepney is used for really distant destinations.

If you’re planning for a few days stay in the province, you may as well consider visiting other travel destinations such as Lobot Eco-Park at San Juan, Tangadan Tunnel at San Quintin, Bangued Cathedral, and Don Mariano Marcos Bridge at Tayum-Dolores.

Don’t forget to bring insect repellant, sunscreen, zip locks, and of course, your camera with you on your trip. Spread the word. Feel free to share with your friends this post.

Photos by AJ Buenavista & Sherwin Joseph Paguio.

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  2. jhea magayam says

    do u have a contact person like a guide for tourists? we are interested to go, we are from Baguio. Thank you!


    • Hello Jhea, sorry but we don’t have. You may wanna try checking out Edmar of edmaration.com. He’s from the area. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


    • hi, for info on tourism trips for Abra, here’s a group you can contact, ACCEP-ADVOCACY TEAM. 09154429898; or simply contact the Tourism Committee of the Sanggunian Panlalawigan/ Vice Governor’s office. Thanks po.


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