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Misters of Pilipinas 2016 Official Candidates Named

Misters of Pilipinas 2016 Official Candidates

THE HEAT IS ON for Misters of Pilipinas 2016 as 22 hunks out of 35 who were called for the final screening have been selected today here at the grand callback at House Manila club, Remington Hotel, Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.

Organized by Prime Event Productions Foundation Inc. (PEPPS), the Mister of Pilipinas pageant aims to select the next set of Filipino men to compete in international male pageants that include Mister International, Manhunt International, Man of the Year, Mister Globe, Mister Southeast Asia, and Man of the World. Also, to the newest addition to their franchise, Mister Supranational.

PEPPS President Carlo Morris Galang said this is an exciting year for the pageant that has been marred by controversies since its first staging in 2014. One of its successful products is Niel Perez who won Mister International 2014. Last year, PEPPS hosted the staging of Mister International 2015 here in the Philippines.

Perez is among the judges who selected this year’s set of official candidates together with reigning Mister Man of the Year Philippines (2015) Karan Singhdole, and Mister Manhunt International Philippines (2015) Don Mcgyver Cochico. Singhdole and Cochico will compete in their respective international pageants in August, and November this year, respectively.

30 Official Candidates

There will be 30 official candidates for this year’s edition of the pageant. The 22 contestants selected today will be joined by eight more contestants coming from Filipino communities abroad. These 30 contestants will be presented to the media on August 28, three weeks before the final competition set on September 18 at Resorts World Manila’s Newport Performing Arts Theater.

Pardon the quality of this photo taken using my cellphone only but here are the 22 candidates selected today. But to make sure we got it right, we will publish their names on our next update.

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The official candidates of Misters of Pilipinas

The official candidates of Misters of Pilipinas 2016. These 22 hunks will be joined by eight others in the next few weeks.

This year’s batch is not without familiar faces. Last year’s first runner-up, AR Dela Serna tried again this year and was selected as one of the official delegates. Issa Janda, winner of the controversial Mister United Continents Philippines 2016 but has resigned due to mismanagement (including his prized money) of the said pageant also made it to the list of official candidates. Then there’s reigning Mister Culture Asia Bob Royo, and Miguel Guia of San Pablo Laguna. Also in the competition is CJ Querol, the gasoline boy whose photo went viral on social media just recently.

Misters of Pilipinas 2016 - Igorot Contestants

There are two Igorots who are vying for a title at Misters of Pilipinas 2016.

Two of my favorites at Misters of Pilipinas 2016

Two of my favorite candidates at Misters of Pilipinas 2016 Roshson Barman and (sorry, i forgot his name) as they cheerfully obliged when some members of the media asked for some photos without their shirts. Check out the list of our Top Picks in our next blog post.

New Format

PEPPS President Carlo Morris Galang said the new format will be in placed for this season, the third edition of the local pageant.

“These guys are more than handsome faces and gorgeous bodies. They all have stories and backgrounds to tell. That is why this year, people can follow their journey through our web series which we will post in all our online media,” Galang said. “It will be interesting to see how these guys will transform before our eyes.”

This year’s set of contestants is very diverse. While there’s another policeman in the group (Policemen did a great job in this pageant the past years with Perez and Cochico), there’s also a teacher, a windsurfer, a singer, a model, and a gasoline boy, among others.

Basing on their physical appearance, and their performance during the grand callback, we already have a few names to include in our top contenders for this year’s titles. We are sharing our favorites with you in our next post.

Who do you think will win in this year’s pageant? Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments.

Callback for Misters of Pilipinas 2016

The contestants before the announcement of those who made it to the list of final contestants during today’s callback for Misters of Pilipinas 2016 pageant.

Misters of Pilipinas 2016 with Niel Perez and Makoy Manlapaz

This blogger with Mister International 2014 Niel Perez, and beauty queen maker Makoy Manlapaz. Makoy served as the host for the grand callback while Niel served as one of the judges.

With one of my favorites

This blogger with Roshson Barman, one of the official candidates we are rooting for.


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