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Discover Calicoan Island: Surfing Capital of the Visayas

Calicoan Island in Samar

SLIGHTLY BIGGER than Boracay, Calicoan Island is part of the town of Guiuan, Eastern Samar. Dubbed as the “Surfing Capital of the Visayas,” the islet (see featured image) is currently being envisioned as one of the Philippines’ next top tourist destinations.

If you are mesmerized by our featured photo for this post, you’ve just been enchanted by Calicoan so we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve just clicked another tab to search for ways on how to go to the region. But don’t scroll down to the bottom part yet.

Calicoan Island Aerial View

Calicoan Island Beach Resort

Let us excite you some more. Part of Ngolos village, Calicoan Island has a three-kilometer white sand beach that faces the Pacific Ocean. Can you imagine that? Well, yeah picture yourself walking down the long stretch of white sand as it is great for strolling either early in the morning or just before sunset.

Most parts of the island remain untouched, which makes it a suitable place for a peaceful vacation. While the island promises you’d enjoy her/him without a companion, those who would decide to tag along a friend or a loved one seems to be of greater adventure. But who knows? Solo travelers are bound to meet other solo travelers in the island, away from the judgmental eyes of the world.

Aside from breathtaking white sand beaches, Calicoan Island also boasts about its unspoiled tropical forest, rocky landscape, and clear waters. With clear waters, you should see for yourself how clear the island’s Linaw Waterfalls. “Linaw” means “clear” in the Filipino language.

Calicoan Island Waterfalls

Calicoan Island Waterfalls Photo

Well yeah, the water is so clear that you can’t resist diving in as you can see the bottom part clearly from above. Just prepare yourself for a little hike up to the middle of Calicoan’s tropical jungle as this falls is not an easy lover. Worry not for you’ll surely enjoy the trek.

If you did read ‘surf’ as ‘big waves’, you are a genius. This island isn’t called Visayas’ surfing capital for anything. Consider this a surfers’ haven for big waves greet those who love the water sport with joy. Not known to many, the island serves host to an annual surfing competition for several years now.

Surfing at Calicoan Island Photo

Surfing at Calicoan Island

If strolling by the white-sand beach gives you peace, and that trek up to the waterfalls makes you excited, the uproar of big waves here will make your life even more thrilling. During the surfing months, waves can go as high as a few meters, which makes amateur and professional surfers shout for excitement as if finding a real gem. For the beginners, best to come here during the summer season (January to March) as the waves are only at 2 to 3 feet high.

Worry not about accommodation as there’s a lot here. Surfers prefer to stay in resorts like the Surf Camp Resort where access to the beach and necessary surfing gears is easy.

Calicoan Island Resort

How to get there? Take off point to the island is Tacloban City, which you could reach by air from Manila. Domestic airlines fly from Manila to Tacloban three times a day. Air travel is just around 60 minutes. From Tacloban, travel by land for two and half hours to reach Calicoan Island. Happy surfing!

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